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· A Gift of Fire
· A Legal Guide to EDP Management
· A Network Orange: Logic and Responsibility in the Computer Age
· Annual Editions: Computers in Society 04/05
· Artifacts: An Archaeologist's Year in Silicon Valley
· Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering: Understanding the Promise of the Future
· Being on Line Net Subjectivity
· Competing Visions, Complex Realities: Social Aspects of the Information Society (Communication and Information Science)
· Composing Cyberspace: Identity, Community, and Knowledge in the Electronic Age
· Computer and Information Ethics
· Computer Technology and Social Issues
· Computerization and Controversy : Value Conflicts and Social Choices
· Computers and Design in Context
· Computers in Society
· Computers in Your Future, Complete Edition (5th Edition)
· Computers, Ethics and Social Values
· Computers, Ethics, and Society
· Computers, Human Interaction, and Organizations : Critical Issues
· Cyber Policy and Economics in an Internet Age (Topics in Regulatory Economics and Policy, 43)
· Cyberculture The Key Concepts
· Cyberethics: Social & Moral Issues in the Computer Age
· Cyberghetto or Cybertopia?
· Dark Fiber: Tracking Critical Internet Culture (Electronic Culture: History, Theory, and Practice)
· Designing Information Spaces: The Social Navigation Approach
· Digital Delirium (Culturetexts)
· Digital Literacy
· Digital Mythologies: The Hidden Complexities of the Internet
· Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing (Diac-87)
· Electronic Chronicles: Columns of the Changes in Our Time
· Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age
· Ethics and Computing
· Fostering Research on the Economic and Social Impacts of Information Technology: Report of a Workshop
· High Technology and Low-Income Communities: Prospects for the Positive Use of Advanced Information Technology
· Humanizing Technology: Computers in Community Use and Adult Education (Approaches to Information Technology)
· In the Realm of the Circuit: Computers, Art, and Culture
· Information Ages: Literacy, Numeracy, and the Computer Revolution
· Information Technology and People : Designing for the Future
· Interface Culture : How New Technology Transforms the Way We Create and Communicate
· Mechanizing Proof: Computing, Risk, and Trust (Inside Technology)
· Nattering on the Net: Women, Power and Cyberspace
· Netlife: Internet Citizens and Their Communities
· On Line and On Paper: Visual Representations, Visual Culture, and Computer Graphics in Design Engineering (Inside Technology)
· Private Rights, Public Wrongs: The Computer and Personal Privacy (Communication and Information Science)
· Psychological Experiments on the Internet
· Radical Simplicity: Transforming Computers Into Me-centric Appliances
· Safety Critical Computer Systems
· Scientific Discovery Processes in Humans and Computers: Theory and Research in Psychology and Artificial Intelligence
· Shift! : The Unfolding Internet - Hype, Hope and History
· Slaves of the Machine: The Quickening of Computer Technology
· Snap to Grid: A User's Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Cultures
· Social Consequences of Internet Use: Access, Involvement, and Interaction
· Social Dimensions of Information Technology: Issues for the New Millennium
· Social Experiments With Information Technology and the Challenges of Innovation
· Software by Design: Shaping Technology and the Workplace
· Software Reflected: The Socially Responsible Programming of Our Computers
· Talking Back to the Machine : Computers and Human Aspiration
· The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security
· The Computer Triangle: Hardware, Software, People, 2nd Edition
· The Cult of Information: A Neo-Luddite Treatise on High Tech, Artificial Intelligence, and the True Art of Thinking
· The Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media (Leonardo Books)
· The Digital Divide: Facing a Crisis or Creating a Myth? (MIT Press Sourcebooks)
· The Emerging Cyberculture: Literacy, Paradigm, and Paradox (Hampton Press Communication Series)
· The Emperor's Virtual Clothes: The Naked Truth About Internet Culture
· The Inmates Are Running the Asylum : Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How To Restore The Sanity
· The Internet Edge: Social, Technical, and Legal Challenges for a Networked World
· The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace: A History of Space from Dante to the Internet
· The Silicon Society
· The Virtual Workplace
· The Web of Text and the Web of God: An Essay on the Third Information Transformation
· The Wired Neighborhood
· The Y2K Personal Survival Guide
· Towards the Information Society: Selected Papers from the Hong Kong Computer Conference 1983
· Uncanny Networks : Dialogues with the Virtual Intelligentsia
· Virtual Organisms : The Startling World of Artificial Life
· Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet

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