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· A to Z of EDI, Second Edition
· ADSL & DSL Technologies
· ADSL Standards, Implementation, and Architecture
· Advances in Computer Communications
· Advances in Computer Communications and Networking. Comp by Wesley W. Chu. Rev 3d Ed. 2d Ed Pub Under Title: Advances in Computer Communications (App)
· Advances in Cryptology-Eurocryt 2002: International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, April/May 2002: Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2332)
· Advances in Transport Network Technologies: Photonic Networks, ATM, and SDH
· Algebraic Codes for Data Transmission
· Applied Data Communications : A Business-Oriented Approach
· Applied Data Communications: A Business-Oriented Approach, 3rd Edition
· B2B Integration
· Big Book of IP Telephony RFCs
· Broadband Internet Access for Dummies
· Business Data Communications (6th Edition)
· Business Data Communications and Networking, 7th Edition
· Business Data Networks and Telecommunications (4th Edition)
· Call Center Operations: Profiting from Teleservices
· CCNA Virtual Lab e-trainer
· cdma2000: For 3G and 4G Wireless Networks (Professional Telecom)
· Cisco Security Architectures
· Computer Message Systems - 85
· Computer Networks and Systems
· Computer Telephony Encyclopedia
· Computer-Mediated Communications: Multimedia Applications (The Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Connectivity 1994
· Contemporary Communication Systems Using MATLAB
· Content Distribution Networks: An Engineering Approach
· Data and Computer Communications, Seventh Edition
· Data and Telecommunications: Systems and Applications
· Data Communication Principles: For Fixed and Wireless Networks
· Data Communications Networking Devices: Operation, Utilization and Lan and Wan Internetworking, 4th Edition
· Data Communications Principles (Applications of Communications Theory)
· Data Communications Using Object-Oriented Design and C++/Book and Disk (McGraw-Hill Series on Computer Communications)
· Data Communications, Computer Networks, and Open Systems (4th Edition)
· Data Communications: A Comprehensive Approach (McGraw-Hill Series on Computer Communications)
· Data Communications: An Overview
· Data Communications: From Basics to Broadband (3rd Edition)
· Data Dissemination in Wireless Computing Environments
· Data Munging with Perl
· Data Networking Made Easy: The Small Business Guide to Getting Wired for Success
· Data Networks (2nd Edition)
· Delivering Voice over IP Networks, 2nd Edition
· Detecting the World: Capturing Physical Measurements With C++
· Dictionary of Networking
· DSL : Simulation Techniques and Standards Development for Digital Subscriber Lines
· DSL for Dummies
· DSL Survival Guide
· Edi Security, Control, and Audit
· Emerging Communications Technologies (2nd Edition)
· End-to-End DSL Architectures
· Enterprise Networking: Fractional T1 to SONET, Frame Relay to BISDN
· Error-Control Coding for Data Networks (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 508)
· Estimation with Applications to Tracking and Navigation
· Eurasia-Ict 2002: Information and Communication Technology: First Eurasian Conference, Shiraz, Iran, October 2002: Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2510)
· Evaluating Frame Relay Technology for Your Organization
· Fundamentals of Telecommunication Networks
· Handbook of Business Data Communications: A Managerial Perspective
· Handbook of Computer Communications Standards: The Open Systems Interconnection (Osi Model and Osi-Related Standards)
· Handbook of Data Communications and Networks
· High Speed Digital Transmission Networking : Covering T/E-Carrier Multiplexing, SONET and SDH
· High Speed Signal Propagation: Advanced Black Magic
· HyperTransport System Architecture
· Ims for the Cobol Programmer: Data Communications and Message Format Service
· Information and Communications Security
· Information Networking. Wireless Communications Technologies and Network Applications
· Integrating Voice and Data Networks
· Internet World Guide to Webcasting: the Complete Guide to Broadcasting on the Web
· Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol. III: Client-Server Programming and Applications--BSD Socket Version (2nd Edition)
· Introduction to Data Communications Using Netware
· Introduction to PCM Telemetering Systems, Second Edition
· Introduction to T1/T3 Networking
· IP Fundamentals: What Everyone Needs to Know about Addressing & Routing
· Just Enough Wireless Computing
· Limited Data Rate in Control Systems With Networks (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, 275)
· Managing Telecommunications and Networking Technologies in the 21st Century: Issues and Trends
· Mathematical Preliminaries for Computer Networking (Wiley Series in Data Communications and Networking for Computer programmers)
· Microcomputer Communications in Business (Chilton's Computing Series)
· Mobile Telecommunications Protocols for Data Networks
· MPLS and Label Switching Networks (2nd Edition)
· Multicast Networking & Applications
· Multicasting on the Internet and its Applications
· Network Design Using Econets
· Network Design: Management and Technical Perspectives
· Network Service Investment Guide: Maximizing ROI in Uncertain Times (Networking Council)
· Networking & Data Communications Laboratory Manual
· Online Law : The SPA's Legal Guide to Doing Business on the Internet
· Online! The Book
· Optoelectronics for Data Communication
· Parallel Scientific Computing in C++ and MPI : A Seamless Approach to Parallel Algorithms and their Implementation
· Pete & Jason Moulton's Telecom Survival Training Course
· Photonic Network Technology
· Principles of Digital Transmission: With Wireless Applications (Plenum Series in Telecommunications)
· Proceedings Apcc/Oecc '99: Fifth Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications and Fourth Optoelectronic and Communications Conference: October 18-22, 1999 Friendship Hotel, beijin
· Professional SQL Server 2000 DTS (Data Transformation Services)
· Reliable Data Communications
· Sonet and T1: Architectures for Digital Transport Networks (2nd Edition)
· Sonet/SDH Third Edition
· SONET-based Metro Area Networks
· SQL Server DTS
· Symbian OS Communications Programming
· Tcl/Tk for Programmers: With Solved Exercises that Work with Unix and Windows
· Telecommunication Networks: Protocols, Modeling, and Analysis
· Telecommunications and the Computer (3rd Edition)
· Telecommunications Survival Guide: Understanding and Applying Telecommunications Technologies to Save Money and to Develop New Business
· Telecommunications: A Beginner's Guide
· Teletext: Its Promise and Demise
· Teletraffic Engineering in a Competitive World
· The Complete Modem Reference : The Technician's Guide to Installation, Testing, and Trouble-Free Communications
· The Fax Modem Sourcebook
· The International Dimensions of Cyberspace Law (Law of Cyberspace Series, Volume 1)
· The Modem Reference: The Complete Guide to PC Communications
· The Telecommunications Illustrated Dictionary, Second Edition
· Understanding Data Communications (7th Edition)
· Understanding Data Communications: From Fundamentals to Networking, 3rd Edition
· Voice over IP Fundamentals
· Windows NT TCP/IP Network Administration
· Wireless Data Demystified
· Wireless Data Technologies Reference Handbook
· Wireless Local Area Networks: The New Wireless Revolution
· Wireless Web Development
· Wireless XML Developer's Guide (Application Development)

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