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· A Parallel Algorithm Synthesis Procedure for High-Performance Computer Architectures (Series in Computer Science (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers).)
· Adaption and Learning in Multi-Agent Systems: Ijcai '95 Workshop, Montreal, Canada, August 21, 1995, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1042)
· Advances in Distributed and Parallel Knowledge Discovery
· An Introduction to Distributed Algorithms
· Architecting with RM-ODP
· Architecture of Distributed Computer Systems
· Assignment Problems in Parallel and Distributed Computing (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 32)
· Atomic Transactions : In Concurrent and Distributed Systems
· Building Distributed Applications with Visual Basic.NET
· Collaboration between Human and Artificial Societies
· Communication and Cooperation in Agent Systems: A Pragmatic Theory (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 1056)
· Computer-Supported Collaboration With Applications to Software Development (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 723)
· Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: Introduction to Distributed Applications
· Conflicting Agents - Conflict Management in Multi-Agent Systems (Multiagent Systems, Artificial Societies, and Simulated Organizations Volume 1)
· Content Distribution Networks: An Engineering Approach
· Cooperative Information Agents: First International Workshop, CIA '97 Kiel, Germany, February 26-28, 1997: Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1202)
· Coordinating Distributed Objects: An Actor-Based Approach to Synchronization
· Coordination Languages and Models: First International Conference, Coordination '96, Cesena, Italy, April 15-17, 1996: Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science , Vol 1061)
· Coordination Languages and Models: Second International Conference Coordination '97 Berlin, Germany, September 1-3, 1997: Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1282)
· Coordination Languages and Models: Third International Coonference, Coordination '99, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, April 1999 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1594)
· Core Jini (2nd Edition)
· DCOM Explained
· Deductive Program Design (NATO Asi Series. Series F, Computer and Systems Sciences, No. 152.)
· Design Performance and Scalability of the Distributed Enterprise Systems
· Designing Enterprise Solutions with Sun Cluster 3.0
· Developing Distributed and E-Commerce Applications + CD (2nd Edition)
· Developing Jini(TM) Applications Using J2ME(TM) Technology
· Distributed Algorithms
· Distributed Algorithms on Graphs: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Distributed Algorithms, Ottawa, Canada, August 1985
· Distributed Algorithms: 11th International Workshop, Wdag '97 Saarbrucken, Germany, September 24-26, 1997: Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1320)
· Distributed and Parallel Systems: Cluster and Grid Computing (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 706)
· Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 MCSD Training Kit
· Distributed COM Application Development Using Visual Basic 6.0 and MTS
· Distributed COM Application Development Using Visual C++ 6.0
· Distributed Computer Control Systems 1989
· Distributed Computer Control Systems 2000
· Distributed Computer Systems: Theory and Practice
· Distributed Computing : Fundamentals, Simulations and Advanced Topics
· Distributed Computing with IBM(r) MQSeries
· Distributed Computing: 13th International Symposium, Disc'99, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, September 27-29, 1999, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1693)
· Distributed Computing: Principles and Applications
· Distributed Infrastructure Support for Electronic Commerce Applications (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science,756)
· Distributed Memory Computing: 2nd European Conference, Edmcc2, Munich, Frg, April 22-24, 1991 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 487)
· Distributed Programming With Java
· Distributed Real-Time Systems : Monitoring, Visualization, Debugging, and Analysis
· Distributed Simulation
· Distributed Systems for System Architects (Advances in Distributed Computing and Middleware, Volume 1)
· Distributed Systems: Distributed Processing Systems
· Distributed Systems: Future Trends and Technologies
· Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms
· Distributed Systems: Software Design and Implementation
· Distributed Virtual Worlds
· Efficient Query Processing in Geographic Information Systems (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 471)
· Elements of Distributed Algorithms: Modeling and Analysis With Petri Nets
· Elements of Distributed Computing
· Engineering of Distributed Control Sytems
· Explorations in Parallel Distributed Processing - Macintosh version: A Handbook of Models, Programs, and Exercises
· Formal Specifications of Distributed Multimedia Systems
· Foundations of Multithreaded, Parallel, and Distributed
· Handbook on Parallel and Distributed Processing
· Hierarchical Scheduling in Parallel and Cluster Systems (Series in Computer Science (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers).)
· High Performance Scientific and Engineering Computing: Hardware/Software Support (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science?, 750)
· How to Build a Beowulf: A Guide to the Implementation and Application of PC Clusters (Scientific and Engineering Computation)
· Information Flow : The Logic of Distributed Systems
· Innovative Internet Computing System
· Introduction to Client/Server Systems : A Practical Guide for Systems Professionals
· Introduction to Distributed Algorithms
· Jaguar Development With Powerbuilder 7 (Powerbuilder Developer's Library)
· Java Distributed Computing (O'Reilly Java)
· Java in Distributed Systems: Concurrency, Distribution and Persistence
· Java RMI
· Java Tools: Using XML, EJB, CORBA, Servlets and SOAP
· Java(TM) Network Programming and Distributed Computing
· JavaSpaces Example by Example
· JavaSpaces in Practice
· JavaSpaces(TM) Principles, Patterns, and Practice
· Jini Example By Example
· JINI Technology: An Overview
· Legitimate Peer to Peer Network Applications : Beyond File and Music Swapping
· Linux Cluster Architecture
· Logics and Models of Concurrent Systems (NATO Asi Series, Advanced Science Institutes Series, Series F, Computer and Systems Sciences, Vol 13)
· Logics for Concurrency: Structure Versus Automata (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1043)
· Management Technologies for E-Commerce and E-Business Applications: 13th Ifip/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management, Dsom 2002, Montreal, Canada, October 2002: Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2506)
· Mastering Web Services Security
· Message Passing Server Internals
· Microsoft .NET Remoting
· Mission Critical Systems Management
· Multi-Agent Systems: Methodologies and Applications: Second Australian Workshop on Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Cairns, Qld, Australia, August 27, 1996: selected (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1286)
· Network Distributed Computing: Fitscapes and Fallacies
· Networks and Systems Management: Platforms Analysis and Evaluation
· New Advances in Distributed Computer Systems: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute Held at Bonas, France, June 15-26, 1981
· Open Distributed Processing and Multimedia
· Open Distributed Systems
· Operating Systems
· Oracle Real Application Clusters
· Parallel and Distributed Computer Graphics
· Parallel and Distributed Computing Handbook
· Parallel and Distributed Computing: A Survey of Models, Paradigms and Approaches
· Parallel and Distributed Processing for Computational
· Parallel and Distributed Processing: 10 Ipps/Spdp '98 Workshops Held in Conjunction With the 12th International Parallel Processing Symposium and 9th Symposium on Parallel and distributed (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1388)
· Parallel and Distributed Processing: 11 Ipps/Spdp '98 Workshops Held in Conjunction With the 13th International Parallel Processing Symposium and 10th Symposium on Parallel Ad distributed (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1586)
· Parallel and Distributed Programming Using C++
· Parallel and Distributed Simulation Systems
· Patterns and Skeletons for Parallel and Distributed Computing
· Power Programming with RPC
· Proceedings of the First International Conference on Multiagent Systems
· Programming Distributed Systems
· Programming in the OSEK/VDX Environment (With CD-ROM)
· Real-Time Systems: Design Principles for Distributed Embedded Applications (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 395)
· Remoting with C# and .NET: Remote Objects for Distributed Applications (Gearhead Press--In the Trenches)
· Scheduling and Load Balancing in Parallel and Distributed Systems
· Secure Internet Programming: Security Issues for Mobile and Distributed Objects (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1603)
· Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
· Security In Distributed Computing: Did You Lock the Door?
· Seventh Workshop on Parallel & Distributed Simulation, 1993: Proceedings of the 1993 Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Simulation, May 16-19, 1993, San Diego, California
· Shared Data Clusters: Scaleable, Manageable, and Highly Available Systems (VERITAS Series)
· Solutions to Parallel and Distributed Computing Problems: Lessons from Biological Sciences
· The Architecture of Distributed Computer Systems: A Data Engineering Perspective on Information Systems
· The Comandos Distributed Application Platform (Research Reports Esprit. Project 2071, Vol 1)
· The Complete Book of Middleware
· The Essence of Distributed Systems
· The Linux Enterprise Cluster
· The Power of Events: An Introduction to Complex Event Processing in Distributed Enterprise Systems
· The Tuxedo System: Software for Constructing and Managing Distributed Business Applications
· TruCluster Server Handbook
· Understanding and Programming COM+: A Practical Guide to Windows 2000 DNA
· Virtual Shared Memory for Distributed Architectures
· XML Distributed Systems Design

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