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· A Connectionist Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation
· Computational Morphology: Practical Mechanisms for the English Lexicon (ACL-MIT Series in Natural Language Processing)
· Exploring Time, Tense and Aspect in Natural Language Database Interfaces (Natural Language Processing, 6)
· Grammatical Competence and Parsing Performance
· Grammatical Evolution: Evolutionary Automatic Programming in an Arbitrary Language (Genetic Programming, 4)
· Learning English Skills Through Word Processing (Learning Series)
· Natural Language Computing: An English Generative Grammar in Prolog/Book and Disk
· Natural Language Parsing and Linguistic Theories (Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy)
· ON THE MOVE. The mobility of constituents in the English noun phrase: a multi-method approach. (Language and Computers 31)
· The Lexical Basis of Sentence Processing: Formal, Computational and Experimental Issues (Natural Language Processing, 4)
· The New International Webster's Pocket Reference Library
· Type It Right:: The Little Black Book for You Computer (Little Black Book Series, Abbreviated, Easy-To-Read Books for Everyone Who Uses a Computer)

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