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· 7 Client/Server Applications in Visual Basic (Toolbox of Templates Series)
· Application Development: Managing the Project Life Cycle
· AS/400 Associate System Operator Certification Guide
· AS/400 Client/Server Programming with Visual Basic 5.0
· AS/400 Control Language Guide
· AS/400 Data Warehousing: The Complete Guide to Implementation
· AS/400 Expert: Ready-to-Run RPG/400 Techniques
· AS/400 Primer : Fundamental Concepts and Training for Programmers, Administrators, and System Operators
· AS/400 TCP/IP Handbook
· AS/400: System, Utilities, Database, and Programming (2nd Edition)
· AS/400 Professional System Operator Certification Study Guide
· Building As/400 Client/Server Solutions Using Shrink-Wrapped Software & Off-The-Shelf Hardware
· CL Programming for the AS/400--2nd edition
· Client Access/400 Expert Reader
· Complete CL: The Definitive Control Language Programming Guide
· Control Language Programming for the AS/400 (2nd Edition)
· Data Warehousing and the As/400
· Database Dds: A Complete Guide to Creating and Maintaining Phsical and Logical File Dds
· DDS Keyword Reference
· DDS Programming for Display and Printer Files, Second Edition
· Domino and the As/400: Installation and Configuration (Redbook)
· e-Deployment : The Fastest Path to the Web
· e-RPG: Building AS/400 Web Applications with RPG
· Fortress Rochester : The Inside Story of the IBM Iseries : The Inside Story of the IBM Iseries
· Getting Down to E-business with the AS/400
· Getting Started with WebSphere: The How-To Guide for Setting Up iSeries Web Application Servers
· ILE by Example
· Implementing AS/400 Security, 4th Edition
· Implementing Windows NT on the AS/400
· Inside the AS/400: Second Edition
· Introduction to RPG IV
· Introduction to the AS/400, 3rd Edition
· Introduction to the AS/400, Second edition
· iSeries and AS/400 RPG IV at Work
· Java and the AS/400, Second Edition: Practical Examples for the iSeries & AS/400
· Java Application Strategies for iSeries and AS/400--Second Edition
· Java(tm) for S/390 and AS/400 COBOL Programmers
· Jim Sloan's CL Tips & Techniques
· Mastering As/400 Performance
· Mastering the AS/400: A Practical Hands-On Guide, Third Edition
· Midrange Computing's Top 25 Utilities
· Modern Rpg Language: With Structured Programming (4th Edition)
· Navigating the AS/400: A Hands-On Guide (2nd Edition)
· Open Query File Magic!
· Power CL : Advanced Control Language
· Power Rpg III: Advanced Concepts, Tips, and Techniques
· Programming In COBOL / 400
· Re-engineering RPG Legacy Applications
· RPG/400 Programming on the AS/400
· SQL/400 by Example
· SQL/400 Developer's Guide
· Starter Kit for the IBM iSeries and AS/400
· Subfiles in RPG IV : Rules, Examples, Techniques, and Other Cool Stuff
· TCP/IP and the AS/400
· The AS/400 & Microsoft Office Integration Handbook
· The As/400 Owner's Manual
· The AS/400 Owner's Manual for V4
· The AS/400 Programmer's Handbook
· The AS/400 Programmer's Handbook, Volume II
· The MC Press Desktop Encyclopedia of Tips, Techniques, and Programming Practices for iSeries and AS/400
· The Modern Rpg IV Language Reference Summary
· The RPG Programmer's Guide to RPG IV and ILE
· Understanding AS/400 System Operations
· Unleash the Power of Uim: A Complete Guide to Creating Customized Help Support Applications
· Using Query/400
· Y2K Survival Kit for As/400 Programmers

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