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· 300 Incredible Things for Kids on the Internet
· 3D Comic Design (CyberRookies Series)
· A Career In...Computers (Getting Ready)
· A New World of Simulators: Training With Technology (New Century Technology)
· American Computer Pioneers (Collective Biographies)
· Artificial Intelligence (Science at the Edge)
· Artificial Intelligence (Science on the Edge)
· Awesome Internet Sites for Kids!
· Best Web Sites for Kids 2000 (Creative Kids (Huntington, Calif.).)
· Bill Gates
· Bill Gates (Famous People)
· Bill Gates: An Unauthorized Biography (Heinemann Profiles)
· Bill Gates: Billionaire Computer Genius
· Bill Gates: Billionaire Computer Whiz (Giants of American Industry)
· Bill Gates: Computer Programmer and Entrepreneur
· Bill Gates: Helping People Use Computers (Community Builders)
· Bringing Photos, Music, and Video into Your Web Page (Internet Library)
· Business Builders in Computers
· C++ Programming Fundamentals (Cyberrookies Series)
· Career Exploration on the Internet: A Student's Guide to More Than 500 Web Sites
· Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Computers
· Careers As a Webmaster: Maintaining the Site (The Library of E-Commerce and Internet Careers)
· Careers in Computer Graphics & Animation (Gardner's Guide Series)
· Careers in Web Design (Career Resource Library)
· Censorship on the Internet: From Filters to Freedom of Speech (Issues in Focus)
· Century 21 Computer Applications & Keyboarding
· Charles Babbage: And the Engines of Perfection (Oxford Portraits in Science)
· Community Geography: GIS in Action
· Computer (Look Inside)
· Computer Animation: From Start to Finish (Made in the USA)
· Computer Crime: Phreaks, Spies, and Salami Slicers (Issues in Focus)
· Computer Fun for Everyone : Great Things to Do and Make with Any Computer
· Computer Fun Writing
· Computer Programmer (Careers With Character)
· Computer Story: Tools of Communication (Tools of Communication)
· Computers
· Computers
· Computers (Great Inventions (Mankato, Minn.).)
· Computers for Kids IBM PC Edition
· Computers: A Magic Mouse Guide
· Computers: Now and into the Future
· Computers: Processing the Data (Innovators, V. 13)
· Cool Careers for Girls in Computers
· Creating and Publishing Web Pages on the Internet
· Creating Animation for Your Web Page (Internet Library)
· Creating E-Reports and Online Presentations (Internet Library)
· Cyber Space: Virtual Reality and the World Wide Web (Megatech)
· Cyberwar: Point. Click. Destroy
· Edward Roberts and the Story of the Personal Computer (Unlocking the Secrets of Science)
· E-Mail
· Ernest Rutherford and the Explosion of Atoms: And the Explosion of Atoms (Oxford Portraits in Science)
· Exploring the World of Computers
· Fun With Computer Electronics: Build 20 Electronic Projects With the Same Type of Chips Used Inside Computers
· Getting Ready a Career As a Computer Animator
· Getting Ready a Career As a Computer Technician
· Getting Ready a Career As an Internet Designer
· Girl Net: A Girl's Guide to the Internet and More
· Grace Hopper: Computer Pioneer
· Great Jobs for Computer Science Majors 2nd Ed.
· History of the Internet: A Chronology, 1843 to the Present
· Homework Help on the Internet
· Horizons! Computing Across the Curriculum, ClarisWorks 5.0 (Mac), Student Edition
· How To Conquer the Internet (How Toż)
· How to Find Almost Anything on the Internet: A Kid's Guide to Safe Searching
· Information Technology (Stoyles, Pennie. Science Issues.)
· Internet
· Internet (Behind Media)
· Internet (Careers in Focus)
· Internet and E-Mail (In Touch: Communicating Today)
· Internet Power Research Using the Big6 Approach (Internet Library)
· Internet Revolution (Science at the Edge)
· Internet: A Magic Mouse Guide (Magic Mouse Guides)
· Internet: Electronic Global Village (Megatech)
· Internet: Technology, People, Process (Media Wise)
· Jerry Yang and David Filo: Chief Yahoos of Yahoo (Techies)
· Larry Ellison: Sheer Nerve (Techies)
· Library Online: A Guide to Computers
· Locating and Evaluating Information on the Internet
· MacFroggy Teaches Basic
· Marc Andreessen and the Development of the Web Browser (Unlocking the Secrets of Science)
· Marvel Super Heroes Computer Fun Book 2
· Mathematician and Computer Scientist, Caryn Navy (Verheyden-Hilliard, Mary Ellen. American Women in Science Biography.)
· Mighty Maddie
· Misinformation on the Internet
· Mousetracks: A Kid's Computer Idea Book
· Multimedia Magic
· Online Kids : A Young Surfer's Guide to Cyberspace
· Postal Workers (Wonder Books Level 1 Careers)
· Radio (In Touch: Communicating Today)
· Researching Events (Library & Information Skills)
· Researching on the Internet Using Search Engines, Bulletin Boards, and Listservs (Internet Library)
· Savvy Surfing on the Internet: Searching and Evaluating Web Sites (Issues in Focus (Hillside, N.J.).)
· Scientific Visualization: The New Eyes of Science (New Century Technology)
· Seeds: God's Awesome Computers
· Shaping Logo on Your Apple
· Shawn Fanning
· Smart Money: The Story of Bill Gates (American Business Leaders)
· Software Designer
· Stay Safe in Cyberspace: Kids' Guide
· Stephen Wozniak and the Story of Apple Computer (Unlocking the Secrets of Science)
· Steve Jobs
· Steve Jobs: Computer Genius of Apple (Internet Biographies)
· Steve Jobs: Wizard of Apple Computer
· Surf the Internet
· Techno Lab: How Science Is Changing Entertainment (Science Lab)
· The Big Machines
· The Computer from A to Z
· The Computer Revolution
· The Explosion of Intelligent Systems by the Year 2000
· The First Computers
· The History of the Internet (Watts Library: Computer Science)
· The History of the Internet and the World Wide Web
· The History of the Personal Computer (Watts Library: Computer Science)
· The Internet
· The Internet (Lucent Overview Series)
· The Magic Mouse Dictionary of Computers and Information Technology
· The Mini Computers (Kids & Computers)
· The Official Pokémon Handbook
· The Story of Microsoft (Built for Success)
· The Super Computers (Kids & Computers)
· The World Wide Web (True Books: Computers)
· Tim Berners-Lee and the Development of the World Wide Web (Unlocking the Secrets of Science)
· Tim Berners-Lee: Inventor of the World Wide Web
· Timelost: Atari Version
· Video Game Designer
· Virtual Reality & Beyond
· Virtual Reality (Science on the Edge)
· Web Site Creation Kit (CyberRookies Series)
· What's a Computer Program?
· What's the Internet?
· Why Doesn't My Floppy Disk Flop? : And Other Kids' Computer Questions Answered by the CompuDudes®
· William Harvey and the Mechanics of the Heart: And the Mechanics of the Heart (Oxford Portraits in Science)
· William Hewlett: Pioneer of the Computer Age (Unlocking the Secrets of Science)
· Word Processing for Kids (Learning Series)
· Words: A Computer Lesson: A Computer Lesson
· World Wide Web for Kidz

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