Microsoft Visual Basic for app - Books

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· Access 2000 VBA Handbook
· Access 2002 VBA Handbook
· Access 2003 VBA Programmer's Reference
· Advanced modelling in finance using Excel and VBA
· AutoCAD VBA Programming Tools and Techniques : Exploiting the Power of VBA in AutoCAD 2000
· Financial Modeling - 2nd Edition
· Financial Modeling Using Excel and VBA
· Mastering AutoCAD VBA
· Mastering Vba 6
· Office XP Development with VBA
· The Visual Basic Coach
· Using Excel Visual Basic for Applications
· Using Visual Basic with AutoCAD 2000
· VBA for AutoCAD 2002: Writing AutoCAD Macros
· VBA for Modelers: Developing Decision Support Systems Using Microsoft« Excel
· VBA Professional Projects
· Visual Basic Object and Component Handbook
· Win32 API Programming with Visual Basic
· Word 97 Macro & Vba Handbook

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