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· .NET Architecture and Programming Using Visual C++
· .NET Concurrency Design Patterns: Programming in C#
· .NET for Java Developers: Migrating to C#
· .NET Programming: A Practical Guide Using C#
· 80251 Microcontroller, The
· A Book on C: Programming in C (4th Edition)
· A Complete Guide to Programming in C++
· A Practical Introduction to Object-Oriented Design with C++
· A Retargetable C Compiler : Design and Implementation
· Absolute Beginner's Guide to C (2nd Edition)
· Advanced C Programming by Example
· Advanced Programming in the UNIX(R) Environment
· AI Application Programming
· Algorithm Design: Foundations, Analysis, and Internet Examples
· Algorithms and Data Structures in C++
· Algorithms in C, Part 5: Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition)
· Algorithms in C, Parts 1-4: Fundamentals, Data Structures, Sorting, Searching (3rd Edition)
· Algorithms in C, Parts 1-5 (Bundle): Fundamentals, Data Structures, Sorting, Searching, and Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition)
· Applications Programming in ANSI C (3rd Edition)
· Applied C: An Introduction and More
· Applied Numerical Methods for Engineers Using MATLABę and C
· Beginning ASP.NET Databases using C#
· Beginning Atl Com Programming
· Beginning C, Third Edition :
· Beginning Visual C++ 6
· C & C++ Code Capsules : A Guide for Practitioners
· C & Data Structures (Electrical and Computer Engineering Series)
· C and UNIX : Tools for Software Design
· C and Unix Programming: A Comprehensive Guide
· C by Dissection: The Essentials of C Programming (4th Edition)
· C by Example
· C by Example
· C for COBOL Programmers : A Business Approach
· C For Dummies
· C for Dummies, Volume One & Two Bundle
· C for Engineers, 2nd Edition
· C for Java Programmers
· C for Scientists and Engineers
· C for Yourself: Learning C Using Experiments
· C How to Program (3rd Edition)
· C How to Program, Fourth Edition
· C Interfaces and Implementations : Techniques for Creating Reusable Software
· C is for Control: A Laboratory Text for Hardware Interfacing with C and C++
· C Pocket Reference
· C Primer Plus (4th Edition)
· C Programming FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions
· C Programming for Embedded Systems
· C Programming for Engineering and Computer Science (B.E.S.T. Series)
· C Programming for Scientists and Engineers
· C Programming for the Absolute Beginner
· C Programming Language (2nd Edition)
· C Programming Language: An Applied Perspective
· C Programming: A Modern Approach
· C Programming: The Essentials for Engineers and Scientists (Undergraduate Texts in Computer Science)
· C Traps and Pitfalls
· C Unleashed (Unleashed)
· C# Core Language Little Black Book
· C# Developer's Headstart
· C# Language Pocket Reference
· C# Network Programming
· C#: A Beginners Guide
· C/C++ Programmer's Reference
· C/C++ Treasure Chest: A Developer's Resource Kit of C/C++ Tools and Source Code
· C: A Reference Manual (5th Edition)
· C: A Software Engineering Approach
· C: An Advanced Introduction: ANSI C Edition
· C: The Complete Reference, (Book/CD Package)
· C++ : The Core Language
· C++ and Object Oriented Programming
· C++ by Example
· C++ Distilled : A Concise ANSI/ISO Reference and Style Guide
· C++ for Dummies
· C++ for Fortran Programmers
· C++ from the Ground Up, Third Edition
· C++ Gems : Programming Pearls from The C++ Report
· C++ Pocket Reference
· C++ Primer (3rd Edition)
· Carbon Programming
· CGI Programming in C and Perl
· CGI: Internet Programming in C++ and C
· Checking C Programs with lint
· Complete Book of C Programming
· Component Based Development With Visual C#
· Computational Geometry in C
· Computer Music in C
· Computer Science: A Breadth-First Approach with C
· Computer Science: A Structured Programming Approach Using C
· Computing With C# and the .Net Framework
· Cryptography in C and C++
· Data Structure Programming: With the Standard Template Library in C++ (Undergraduate Texts in Computer Science)
· Data Structures and Algorithms in C++
· Data Structures and Other Objects Using C++ (2nd Edition)
· Data Structures and Program Design In C (2nd Edition)
· Data Structures in C++ : Using the Standard Template Library (STL)
· Data Structures Using C
· Database Programming With C#
· Design Patterns C# Workbook
· Developing C# Windows Software: A Windows Forms Tutorial
· Diving into C, A First Course
· Dos and Windows Protected Mode : Programming with DOS Extenders in C
· Effective C++: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Design (2nd Edition)
· Efficient C Programming: A Practical Approach
· Efficient C/C++ Programming
· Embedded C (With CD-ROM)
· Embedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR
· Embedded C Programming and the Microchip PIC
· Embedded Control Systems in C/C++
· Embedded Systems Building Blocks: Complete and Ready-To-Use Modules in C
· Engineering Problem Solving with C (2nd Edition)
· Engineering Problem Solving with C (3rd Edition)
· Essential .NET, Volume I: The Common Language Runtime
· Essentials of C Programming Language
· Expert C Programming
· File Structures: An Object-Oriented Approach with C++ (3rd Edition)
· Foundations of Computer Science: C Edition (Principles of Computer Science Series)
· Front Panel: Designing Software for Embedded User Interfaces
· Fundamentals of Embedded Software: Where C and Assembly Meet
· Fundamentals of Engineering Programming with C and Fortran
· Gnu Scientific Library: Reference Manual
· Gtk+ Programming in C
· Illustrating C
· Image Processing in C; Analyzing and Enhancing Digital Images
· Informix Dynamic Server.2000: Server-Side Programming in C
· Inside the C++ Object Model
· Introduction to 3D Game Engine Design Using DirectX 9 and C#
· Introduction to ANSI C for Engineers and Scientists
· Introduction to C
· Introduction to C and C++ for Technical Students (2nd Edition)
· Introduction to C Programming: A Modular Approach (2nd Edition)
· Introduction to C++
· Introduction to C++ for Engineers and Scientists
· Introduction to Computer Science Using C++, 2nd Edition
· Introduction to Computing Systems: From bits & gates to C & beyond
· Introduction to Computing Using C++ and Object Technology, An
· Introduction to Engineering Programming: In C, Matlab and Java
· Introduction to Programming Using C++
· Introduction to Programming with C
· Introduction to Scientific Programming: Computational Problem Solving Using Maple and C
· Java 2 and JavaScript for C and C++ (Programmers, Revised Edition)
· Java(TM) Essentials for C and C++ Programmers
· Learn C on the Macintosh (2nd Edition)
· Learn the MFC C++ Classes
· Learn to Program with C++
· Learning Microsoft Office 97
· Learning to Program the Object-Oriented Way with C#
· Mastering Algorithms with C
· Mastering ASP.Net with Visual C#
· Mastering C in 10 Days Computer Programming Language
· MFC Internals: Inside the Microsoft(c) Foundation Class Architecture
· Microcontroller Projects in C for the 8051
· Microprogrammed State Machine Design
· Microsoft Project 2000 Step by Step Courseware Core Skills Class Pack
· Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Administrator's Pocket Consultant
· Modern Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
· Modern Programming Using C++
· Multi-Paradigm Design for C++
· Nitty Gritty C
· Now You C It
· Numerical Algorithms With C
· Numerical Recipes in C & C++ Source Code CD-ROM with Windows, DOS, or Mac Single Screen License
· Numerical Recipes in C : The Art of Scientific Computing
· Numerical Recipes in C Example Book : The Art of Scientific Computing
· Objective-C Pocket Reference
· Object-Oriented Design & Patterns
· Object-Oriented Programming in C++ (4th Edition)
· Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ (2nd Edition)
· OpenBoot Command Reference
· Oracle PL/SQL Tips and Techniques
· Parallel and Distributed Programming Using C++
· Parallel Programming in C with MPI and OpenMP
· Parallel Programming Using C++ (Scientific and Engineering Computation)
· Perl for C Programmers
· Perl: The Complete Reference
· Pointers on C
· Practical Algorithms for Programmers
· Practical C Programming, 3rd Edition
· Practical C++ Programming, Second Edition
· Practical Statecharts in C/C++: Quantum Programming for Embedded Systems with CDROM
· Presenting C#
· Problem Solving and Program Design in C, Fourth Edition
· Problem Solving Using C: Structured Programming Techniques
· Problem Solving with C
· Programming .NET Components
· Programming Abstractions in C : A Second Course in Computer Science
· Programming C#, Third Edition
· Programming Embedded Systems in C and C ++
· Programming in ANSI C
· Programming in Fortran 90 : A First Course for Engineers and Scientists
· Programming in Objective C
· Programming Microcontrollers in C
· Programming the Parallel Port: Interfacing the PC for Data Acquisition & Process Control
· Programming with Objects: A Comparative Presentation of Object Oriented Programming with C++ and Java
· Programs and Data Structures in C: Based on ANSI C and C++, 2nd Edition
· Pure C Programming
· Reference Guide to C and C++
· Ruminations on C++ : A Decade of Programming Insight and Experience
· Sams Teach Yourself C in 21 Days (6th Edition)
· Sams Teach Yourself C in 24 Hours (2nd Edition)
· Sams Teach Yourself C# in 21 Days
· Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 Days
· Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 24 Hours
· Scatter Search: Methodology and Implementation in C
· Schaum's Outline of Fundamentals of SQL Programming
· Schaum's Outline of Programming with C
· Signal Processing in C
· Simple C
· Simulating Ecological and Evolutionary Systems in C
· Software Development in C : A Practical Approach to Programming and Design
· SpecC: Specification Language and Methodology
· Standard C Date/Time Library: Programming the World's Calendars and Clocks
· Standard C Library, The
· Standard C++ with Object-Oriented Programming
· STL for C++ Programmers
· Structured C for Engineering and Technology (4th Edition)
· Successful C for Commercial Unix Developers (Artech House Computer Science Library)
· TCP/IP Sockets in C: Practical Guide for Programmers (The Practical Guides Series)
· Teach Yourself C
· The Art and Science of C : A Library Based Introduction to Computer Science
· The C Puzzle Book
· The C Standard : Incorporating Technical Corrigendum 1
· The C/Unix Programmer's Guide
· The C++ Standard : Incorporating Technical Corrigendum No.†1
· The Complete C++ Training Course: The Ultimate Cyber Classroom (2nd Edition)
· The Complete Idiot's Guide to C# Programming
· The Indispensable Guide to C : With Engineering Applications
· The Joy of C, 3rd Edition
· The Late Night Guide to C++
· Understanding Directory Services (2nd Edition)
· Using C++: An Introduction to Programming
· Using C++With Infotrac: An Introduction to Programming
· Virtual Machine Design and Implementation in C/C++ (With CD-ROM)
· Visual C++ 6 Unleashed
· Visual C++.NET for Dummies (With CD-ROM)
· Visual C++.NET: Your Visual Blueprint for Programming on the .NET Platform (With CD-ROM)
· Visual C++6 for Dummies
· Visual Special Effects Toolkit in C++
· Windows Forms Programming in C#
· Wireless Game Development in C/C++ With Brew (Wordware Game Developer's Library)

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