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· "Everything Is Wrong": Q&A with Martin Cooper
· 10G Ethernet Market Trends
· 2000 Home Network Technology Update
· 2000 USMB: Internet, e-Business and Telephony
· 2000 USMB: Market Overview
· 2000 USMB: Networking (LAN and WAN)
· 2000 USMB: PC Hardware, Software and Peripherals
· 2000 USSB Research Note: Sizing the Tax Cut for SB IT
· 2000 USSB: Internet, e-Business and Telephony
· 2000 USSB: Market Overview
· 2000 USSB: Networking (LAN and WAN)
· 2000 USSB: PC Hardware, Software and Peripherals
· 2000 USSMB Market Comment: What the Future Holds for DSL Providers
· 2001 I-Signal by AMI-Partners
· 2001 Media Gateway Market Report
· 802.11 Demystified: Wi-Fi Made Easy (Telecommunications)
· 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly Networking)
· A Communications Protocol in a Synchronous Chat Environment: Student Satisfaction in a Web-Based Computer Science Course
· A Guide to the TCP/IP Protocol Suite, Second Edition
· A Nation Online: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use of the Internet
· A Textbook on ATM Telecommunications: Principles and Implementation
· Access Technologies: DSL and Cable
· Acoustic Signal Processing for Telecommunication (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 551)
· Active Noise Control Systems : Algorithms and DSP Implementations
· Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks: Protocols and Systems
· Ad hoc Networking
· Adaptive Filter Theory (4th Edition)
· Adaptive Filtering: Algorithms and Practical Implementation (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 694)
· Adobe Premiere Pro for Dummies
· ADSL & DSL Technologies
· ADSL Standards, Implementation, and Architecture
· ADSL, VDSL, and Multicarrier Modulation
· Advanced Signal Processing for Communication Systems (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 703)
· Advances in Mobile Commerce Technologies
· Advances in Speech Coding (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 114)
· Advances in Wireless Communications (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 435)
· Agent Technology for Communication Infrastructures
· Algebraic Codes for Data Transmission
· Algebraic Switching Theory and Broadband Applications (Telecommunications)
· Algorithms for Communications Systems and their Applications
· All IP in 3G CDMA Networks : The UMTS Infrastructure and Service Platforms for Future Mobile Systems
· AMI White Papers: Delivering ASP Services to SBs: Key Success Factors
· AMI White Papers: The Evolving Roles and Opportunities for Small Business IT Solution Providers
· AMI White Papers: The Small Business E-Migration
· AMI-Partners' US Medium Business Market Opportunity Assessment: Market Topline Findings
· AMI-Partners' US Small Business Market Opportunity Assessment: Market Topline Findings
· An Analysis of Computer and Telephone Usage in the New York City Metropolitan Area
· An Interactive Multimedia Introduction to Signal Processing
· An Introduction to ATM Networks
· An Introduction to Tcp/Ip
· Analysis and Reporting Applications Permeate the Communications Service Providers
· Analytical Network and System Administration : Managing Human-computer Networks
· Antenna and EM Modeling with Matlab
· APIs and Protocols For Convergent Network Services
· Applications & Services in Wireless Networks (Innovative Technology Series: Information Systems and Networks)
· Applied Coding & Information Theory for Engineers
· Applied Neural Networks for Signal Processing
· Applied Wavelet Analysis With S-Plus
· Architectures for Digital Signal Processing
· Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robots: Case Studies of Successful Robot Systems
· AsiaCom Yearbook 2002
· Asian Internet Telephony: Switching to a New Frontier
· Asynchronous Transfer Mode
· AT&T Wireless Company Profile
· ATM & MPLS Theory & Application: Foundations of Multi-Service Networking
· ATM and Internet Protocol
· ATM Interworking in Broadband Wireless Applications
· ATM Signalling: Protocols and Practice
· Atm Switching Systems (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· ATM Theory and Applications
· ATM, Volume I: Foundation for Broadband Networks (2nd Edition)
· ATM, Volume III : Internetworking With ATM
· Automatic Control, 7th Edition
· Automatic Modulation Recognition of Communication Signals
· BellSouth and Qwest : Distinctive Metro Business Models; Face Similar Regulatory Hurdles in Providing Wholesale DWDM Services
· Big Book of IP Telephony RFCs
· Bluetooth 2001 Industry Survey
· Bluetooth Demystified
· Bluetooth End to End
· Bluetooth Personal Area Networks
· Bluetooth Revealed: The Insider's Guide to an Open Specification for Global Wireless Communications (2nd Edition)
· Bluetooth Status Report
· Bluetooth vs. 802.11
· Bluetooth World Focus
· Bluetooth: Operation and Use
· Breaking the Metro Bottleneck
· Bridge Builders: African Experiences With Information and Communication Technology
· Bringing System Integrators to Voice Business
· Broadband Access 2002
· Broadband Access Technology, Interfaces and Management (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Broadband Adoption and Access in Italy and Spain, 2003:
· Broadband Applications and the Digital Home (Btexact Communications Technology Series, 5)
· Broadband Communications
· Broadband Communications, II
· Broadband Fixed Wireless Access Equipment and Access Equipment and Services
· Broadband Fixed Wireless Networks
· Broadband Future: Third-Generation Mobile Networks
· Broadband Internet Access for Dummies
· Broadband Local Access Sourcebook
· Broadband Local Loops for High-Speed Internet Access (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Broadband Network & Device Security
· Broadband Networking
· Broadband Packet Switching Technologies: A Practical Guide to ATM Switches and IP Routers
· Broadband PC Gaming in Europe: Games Download Will Emerge as the Lead Growth Area
· Broadband Telecommunications Technology (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Broadband Wireless LAN Public Space, Last Mile, Unlicensed Spectrum
· Broadband Wireless Mobile: 3G and Beyond
· Broadband: Bringing Home the Bits
· Broadband: Business Services, Technologies, and Strategic Impact (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Build Your Own Wireless LAN
· Building a Better Backbone
· Building an Electronic Records Archive at the National Archives and Records Administration
· Building Secure Wireless Networks with 802.11
· Building VPNs : with IPSec and MPLS (Professional Telecom)
· Building Wireless Community Networks, 2nd Edition
· C Algorithms for Real-Time DSP
· C++ Algorithms for Digital Signal Processing (2nd Edition)
· Cable Telephony Business Applications
· Cabling Handbook, The (2nd Edition)
· Cabling: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring
· Call Center Operations: Profiting from Teleservices
· Call Center Savvy: How to Position Your Call Center for the Business Challenges of the 21st Century
· Call Control for a Broadband Multiprotocol Age : White Paper
· Call Control: Programming Interfaces for Next Generation Networks
· Carrier Grade Voice Over IP
· Carrier Sense Multiple Access With Collision Detection (Csma/Cd) Access Method and Physical Layer Specifications
· CCNP Switching Exam Certification Guide
· CD and DVD Recording for Dummies
· CD Recordable Solutions
· CDMA Internetworking: Deploying the Open A-Interface
· cdma2000: For 3G and 4G Wireless Networks (Professional Telecom)
· Cellular Automata Machines: A New Environment for Modeling (Scientific Computation)
· Cellular Neural Networks: Dynamics and Modelling
· Centrex or PBX: The Impact of IP
· Channel Coding for Telecommunications
· China and the Internet: Politics of the Digital Leap Forward
· Cingular Wireless Company Profile
· Cisco CallManager Fundamentals: A Cisco AVVID Solution
· Cisco CCIE Practice Exam & Review 350-001
· Cisco IP Telephony
· Cisco Networking Academy Program Fundamentals of Voice and Data Cabling Companion Guide
· Cisco: The Complete Reference
· Cities in the Telecommunications Age : The Fracturing of Geographies
· Claude E. Shannon : Collected Papers
· CLECs and OSS: Building Strategic Portfolios
· Coded Modulation Systems
· Collaborative Information Technologies
· Common Sense About Metro DWDM : White Paper
· Communicating and Mobile Systems: the Pi-Calculus
· Communication Networks
· Communication Networks: Fundamentals Concepts and Key Architectures
· Communication System Design Using DSP Algorithms: With Laboratory Experiments for the TMS320C6701 and TMS320C6711 (Information Technology: Transmission, Processing, and Storage)
· Communication Technology
· Communications Standard Dictionary on CD-ROM
· Communications Systems and Networks
· Communications, Information and Network Security (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Secs 712)
· Community Networks: Lessons From Blacksburg, Virginia
· Compete & WIN in Telecom Sales - A Step-by-Step Guide for Successful Selling
· Competition for the Mobile Internet
· Complete Wireless Home Networking
· Compressed Video Communications
· Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics
· Computer Explorations in Signals and Systems Using MATLAB (2nd Edition)
· Computer Speech Technology
· Computer Telephone Integration
· Computer Telephony Demystified
· Computer Telephony Encyclopedia
· Computer Telephony Integration
· Computer Telephony Integration (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Computer-Aided Analysis, Modeling, and Design of Microwave Networks: The Wave Approach (Artech House Microwave Library)
· Computer-Based Exercises for Signal Processing Using MATLAB Ver.5
· Computer-Mediated Communications: Multimedia Applications (The Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Computer-to-Telephony Integration (CTI)
· Concept Data Analysis : Theory and Applications
· Connectors and the New Economics of Fiber-to-the-X : White Paper
· Consumer's Guide to Cell Phones & Wireless Service
· Contemporary Communication Systems Using MATLAB
· Content Networking in the Mobile Internet
· Converged Networking: Data and Real-Time Communications over Ip (International Federation for Information Processing (Series), 247)
· Convergence Technologies for 3G Networks : IP, UMTS,EGPRS and ATM
· Convolutional Coding: Fundamentals and Applications (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Core DWDM, Pushing Lambdas to the Limit
· Corporate Card Series: BenQ Corporation - 2004
· Corporate Card Series: Foxconn Ltd. / Hon Hai Precision Industry
· Corporate Networks: The Strategic Use of Telecommunications (The Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Creating Location Services for the Wireless Web
· Creating Your Own Great DVDs and CDs: The Official HP Guide
· Cross-Media Service Delivery (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Secd 740)
· Crosstalk in Wdm Communication Networks (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 678)
· Cryptography Demystified
· CTI Technologies and Applications
· Culture, Technology, Communication: Towards an Intercultural Global Village (Suny Series in Computer-Mediated Communication)
· Current Advances in Lans, Mans, and Isdn (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Cyberculture The Key Concepts
· Cyberimperialism?: Global Relations in the New Electronic Frontier
· Dark Fiber Access Providers : New Competition from the Sewers
· Data and Telecommunications: Systems and Applications
· Data Communication Principles: For Fixed and Wireless Networks
· Data Communications and Computer Networks, Second Edition
· Data Communications and Networks: An Engineering Approach
· Data Communications Networking Devices: Operation, Utilization and Lan and Wan Internetworking, 4th Edition
· Data Communications Principles (Applications of Communications Theory)
· Data Dissemination in Wireless Computing Environments
· Data Management for Mobile Computing
· Data Networks (2nd Edition)
· Data Networks, IP and the Internet: Protocols, Design and Operation
· Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Telecommunications (Artech House Computer Science Library)
· Definitive VoiceXML
· Delivering Voice over IP Networks, 2nd Edition
· Delivering Wireless to the Enterprise: A Complex Value Chain
· Deploying and Managing IP over WDM Networks
· Deploying License-Free Wireless Wide-Area Networks
· Design and Analysis of High Efficiency Line Drivers for Xdsl (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Secs 759)
· Design and Implementation of Web-Enabled Teaching Tools
· Design of Analog-Digital VLSI Circuits for Telecommunications and Signal Processing (2nd Edition)
· Designing and Writing Online Documentation: Hypermedia for Self- Supporting Products, 2nd Edition
· Designing the Total Area Network: Intranets, VPNs and Enterprise Networks Explained
· Designing Wireless Information Services
· Desktop Encyclopedia of Telecommunications (Telecommunications)
· Developing a Successful Wireless Enterprise Strategy: A Manager's Guide
· Developing Cisco IP Phone Services: A Cisco AVVID Solution
· Developing Intelligent Agent Systems : A Practical Guide
· Developing Media Literacy in Cyberspace: Pedagogy and Critical Learning for the Twenty-First-Century Classroom
· Developing MMS Applications: Multimedia Messaging
· Developing Series 60 Applications : A Guide for Symbian OS C++ Developers
· Developing WAP Applications
· Dictionary of e-Business : A Definitive Guide to Technology and Business Terms
· Digital Communications Systems: With Satellites and Fiber Optics Applications
· Digital Dilemmas: Ethical Issues for Online Media Professionals (Media and Technology Series)
· Digital Satellite Communications Systems and Technologies: Military and Civil Applications (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 186)
· Digital Signal Integrity: Modeling and Simulation with Interconnects and Packages
· Digital Signal Processing
· Digital Signal Processing and the Microcontroller
· Digital Signal Processing Applications With Motorola's Dsp56002 Processor
· Digital Signal Processing for Communication Systems (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 403)
· Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals (Electrical and Computer Engineering Series)
· Digital Signal Processing Implementation Using the TMS320C6000 DSP Platform (With CD-ROM)
· Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB«
· Digital Signal Processing With C and the TMS320C30 (Topics in Digital Signal Processing)
· Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLAB
· Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (With CD-ROM)
· Digital Signal Processing: A Computer Science Perspective
· Digital Signal Processing: An Overview of Basic Principles
· Digital Switching Control Architectures (Telecommunication Library)
· Digital Telephony and Network Integration
· Digital Telephony Over Cable: The PacketCable Network
· Digital Video for Dummies, Third Edition
· Disaster Management in Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Computer Systems
· Disaster Proofing Information Systems : A Complete Methodology for Eliminating Single Points of Failure
· Disaster Recovery Planning for Telecommunications (Artech House Telecom Management Library)
· Disaster Survival Guide for Business Communications Networks
· Discrete H Optimization: With Applications in Signal Processing and Control Systems (2nd Ed)(Springer Series in Information Sciences, 26)
· Discrete-Time Signal Processing (2nd Edition)
· Discrete-Time Signal Processing: An Algebraic Approach
· Discrete-Time Speech Signal Processing: Principles and Practice
· Distributed Multimedia
· DLECs: Hanging On By a Dangling Copper Thread
· DoCoMo--Japan's Wireless Tsunami: How One Mobile Telecom Created a New Market and Became a Global Force
· DSL : Simulation Techniques and Standards Development for Digital Subscriber Lines
· DSL for Dummies
· DSL Survival Guide
· DSP Applications Using C and the TMS320C6x DSK
· Dsp for Scientists and Engineers Using Mat Lab
· DSP System Design: Using the TMS320C6000
· DWDM and Optical Networks: An Introduction to Terabit Technology
· DWDM Sub-systems and Components: Markets and Trends : Executive Summary
· Dynamic Routing in Broadband Networks
· eBusiness Essentials, 2nd Edition
· Echo Signal Processing (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Secs 725)
· EDGE for Mobile Internet
· Electromagnetic Shielding Handbook for Wired and Wireless Emc Applications (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 462)
· Electronic Chronicles: Columns of the Changes in Our Time
· Elements of an Integrated Call Center
· Elements of Information Theory
· Eloquent Images : Word and Image in the Age of New Media
· E-mail Security : How to Keep Your Electronic Messages Private
· E-Mail, Web Conferencing and Streaming Media Prove Their Worth in Enterprise Marketing
· Emerging Communication Technologies and the Society
· Emerging Communications Technologies (2nd Edition)
· Emerging Topics in Computer Vision
· End-to-End DSL Architectures
· Engineering Networks for Synchronization, Ccs7, and Isdn
· Enhanced Voice Applications, Part II: Unified Communications—Real-Time Management
· Enterprise JMS Programming
· Enterprise Wireless E-Mail Options Are Plentiful, but Not Perfected
· Error Control Systems for Digital Communication and Storage
· Ethernet-Based Metro Area Networks
· Ethics and Technology: Ethical Issues in an Age of Information and Communication Technology
· e-topia
· European Broadband Markets: Volumes One and Two
· e-Video: Producing Internet Video as Broadband Technologies Converge (with CD-ROM)
· Evolution World Focus 2001
· Executive's Guide to the Wireless Workforce
· ExperTech Series - IP Telephony, Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
· ExperTech Series : LANs and LAN Interconnection
· ExperTech Series : Overview of TCP/IP and the Internet
· ExperTech Series: IP Telephony
· Exploring the Western Europe Voice over IP Gateway Market July, 2001
· Face Off: Broadband Wireless vs. Cable Modems
· Face Off: DSL vs. Broadband Wireless
· Fax: Facsimile Technology and Systems (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· FAX: Facsimile Technology and Systems, Third Edition
· Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems VII
· Fiber Network Service Survivability (Telecommunications Library)
· Fiber-To-The-Home Technologies
· Fiber-to-the-Subscriber : Buildings and Homes Bring Very Different Requirements
· Fibre Channel for SANs
· Fibre Channel: Gigabit Communications and I/O for Computer Networks
· Fighting for Air: The Wireless Home Network Technology Wars
· Filling the Gap - Fixed Wireless Internet: US Market 1999-2004
· Finite Element Software for Microwave Engineering
· Firewalls: The Complete Reference
· First Mile Access Networks and Enabling Technologies
· Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications: Networks, Systems, and Services (2nd Edition)
· Focusing on WorldCom and Sprint Optical Networking Development : Studies in Contrasts; Joint Demonstration of the Good Health of the Long-Haul Space
· Forecasting the Internet: Understanding the Explosive Growth of Data Communications (Topics in Regulatory Economics and Policy, Vol 39)
· Fostering Research on the Economic and Social Impacts of Information Technology: Report of a Workshop
· Frame Relay Applications: Business and Technology Case Studies (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)
· From Protocols to Design
· From 'Virtualization' to 'Realization' — IT's New Focus on Infrastructure and Operations
· Fundamentals of Information Studies: Understanding Information and Its Environment
· Fundamentals of Speech Recognition
· Fundamentals of Telecommunication Networks
· Fuzzy and Neural Approaches in Engineering, MATLAB Supplement
· Getting and Staying Noticed on the Web: Your Web Promotion Questions Answered
· Getting Started with Bluetooth
· Gigabit Ethernet for Metro Area Networks
· GIS in Telecommunications Management
· Global Information Infrastructure: The Birth, Vision, and Architecture (Series in Global Information Technology Management)
· Global Telecommunications Services
· GPRS - Signaling and Protocol Analysis - Volume 1: RAN and Mobile Station
· GPRS - Signaling and Protocol Analysis - Volume 2: The Core Network
· GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications: Professional Developer's Guide
· GPRS for Mobile Internet
· Gprs Network Optimization & Trouble Shooting
· Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual
· Grid Computing: Making The Global Infrastructure a Reality
· GSM, GPRS and EDGE Performance: Evolution Toward 3G/UMTS
· Guide to Teleconferencing and Distance Learning
· Guide to Wireless Communications
· Handbook of Computer Simulation in Radio Engineering, Communications and Radar (Artech House Radar Library)
· Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication
· Handbook of Research for Educational Communications and Technology: A Project of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology
· Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
· Handheld Usability
· High on Wi-Fi
· High Speed Digital Transmission Networking : Covering T/E-Carrier Multiplexing, SONET and SDH
· High Speed Signal Propagation: Advanced Black Magic
· High-Performance Communication Networks
· High-Speed Cable Modems: Including IEEE 802.14 Standards
· High-Speed Networking and Communications Technologies for the Internet and Intranets
· High-Speed Wireless Atm and Lans
· Home Broadband War - Cable vs. DSL/Wi-Fi and Home Networking
· Home Networking Basis: Transmission Environments and Wired/Wireless Protocols
· Home Networking Technologies and Standards (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Hong Kong Broadband Services 2003
· Hosted IP Telephony Will Help Providers Reduce Churn and Build Customer Loyalty
· Hotspot Networks : WiFi for Public Access Locations (Professional Telecom)
· How America Got On-Line: Politics, Markets, and the Revolution in Telecommunications
· How Component Technology Drives All-Optical Networks : White Paper
· How to Do Everything with Your BlackBerry
· How to Make a Mobile Game Successful
· How Wireless Works
· HTI+ Home Technology Integration All-in-One Exam Guide (All-in-One)
· Human Factors and Voice Interactive Systems (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 498)
· Hybrid Fiber Optic/Coaxial (HFC) Networks
· ICQ FYI: Instant Communications Online
· i-mode Crash Course
· i-mode Strategy
· Implementing Cisco VPNs
· Implementing Service Quality in IP Networks
· Implementing Voice over IP
· Improvements in Speech Synthesis
· Incorporating Billing and CRM: Examinging the Combined Entity of Amdocs and Clarify
· Independent Component Analysis: Theory and Applications
· Information and Communication Technologies in Everyday Life : A Concise Introduction and Research Guide
· Information and Communication Technologies in Everyday Life : A Concise Introduction and Research Guide
· Information and Communications Technologies for African Development
· Information and Communications Technology for Competitive Intelligence
· Information Ecologies: Using Technology with Heart
· Information Systems Innovation and Diffusion: Issues and Directions (Series in Information Technology Management)
· Insights Into Mobile Multimedia Communications
· Installation and Maintenance of SDH/SONET, ATM, xDSL, and Synchronization Networks
· Installing, Troubleshooting, and Repairing Wireless Networks
· Integrated Access Devices Ready for Takeoff
· Integrated Optics and the Rebirth of the Broadband Dream : White Paper
· Integrating Voice and Data Networks
· Intelligent Agents for Telecommunication Applications: Third International Workshop, Iata'99, Stockholm, Sweden, August 9-10, 1999, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1699)
· Intelligent Agents for Telecommunication Environments (Innovative Technology Series: Information Systems and Networks)
· Intelligent Communication Systems
· Intelligent Networks
· Intelligent Networks: Principles and Applications (Iee Telecommunications Series, 46)
· Interactive Television Production
· Interconnecting the Network of Networks
· Internet Access Devices Move Upmarket
· Internet and Intranet Security Management: Risks and Solutions
· Internet and Wireless Security
· Internet Content: Not Just for the PC
· Internet Protocol Telephony
· Internet Protocols: Advances, Technologies and Applications
· Internet Security : Cryptographic Principles, Algorithms and Protocols
· Internet Telephony
· Internet Telephony in the Asia-Pacific Region
· Internet Telephony: Call Processing Protocols
· Internet2
· Internet-Based Telephony Update: Countless Partnerships and Looming Legislation
· Introduction to Communication Electronic Warfare Systems (Artech House Information Warfare Library)
· Introduction to Data Networks : PAN, LAN, WAN, and Wireless Data Technologies and Systems
· Introduction to Digital Communication (2nd Edition)
· Introduction to IP Telephony : Why and How Companies are Upgrading Private Telephone Systems to use VoIP Services
· Introduction to Mobile Telephone Systems, 1G, 2G, 2.5G, and 3G Technologies and Services
· Introduction to MPEG 7: Multimedia Content Description Language
· Introduction to PCM Telemetering Systems, Second Edition
· Introduction to SIP IP Telephony Systems : Technology Basics, Services, Economics, and Installation
· Introduction to Telecommunications Network Engineering, Second Edition
· Introductory Digital Signal Processing with Computer Applications, 2E
· IP Convergence: The Next Revolution in Telecommunications
· IP for 3G: Networking Technologies for Mobile Communications
· IP from A to Z
· IP in Wireless Networks
· IP Over WDM
· IP over WDM: Building the Next Generation Optical Internet
· IP Telephony
· IP Telephony - The Integration of Robust VoIP Services
· IP Telephony Demystified
· IP Telephony with H.323: Architectures for Unified Networks and Integrated Services
· IP Telephony: Packet-Based Multimedia Communications Systems
· IP Telephony: The Complete Video Course
· IP/ATM Mobile Satellite Networks
· IP-Based Next-Generation Wireless Networks: Systems, Architectures, and Protocols
· ISDN Subscriber Loop
· ISDN: Concepts, Facilities, and Services, Signature
· J2ME in a Nutshell (O'Reilly Java)
· Java in Telecommunications: Solutions for Next Generation Networks
· Juniper MMS Report Bundle: MMS Markets & Technologies and MMS Content & Applications
· Jupiter Consumer Survey Report European Retail, 2002
· Knowledge Management Strategy and Technology
· KPN And NTT DoCoMo Announce Dual I-mode and WAP European Portal: What Role Will I-mode Play in Europe?
· Labs for Signals and Systems Using MATLAB(r)
· LabVIEW for Automotive, Telecommunications, Semiconductor, Biomedical, and Other Applications
· Labview Signal Processing
· LAN Wiring
· LANs to WANs: The Complete Management Guide
· Latin American Residential Broadband Satellite: Competition Arrives from Space
· Legitimate Peer to Peer Network Applications : Beyond File and Music Swapping
· Lessons from I-mode II: An updated analysis of I-mode in Japan and the adoption of the I-mode concept in Europe
· Linear Systems and Signals (The Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
· Local Area Network Inter Connection Via Satellite: TCT Cost Action 253: Service Efficient Network Inter Connection
· Local Area Networks
· Local Area Networks with CD-ROM
· Location Management and Routing in Mobile Wireless Networks
· Location-Aware Applications
· Lossless Compression Handbook (Communications, Networking and Multimedia)
· M Commerce: Technologies, Services, and Business Models
· Malicious Mobile Code: Virus Protection for Windows (O'Reilly Computer Security)
· Managing Intellectual Assets in the Digital Age
· Managing Telecommunications and Networking Technologies in the 21st Century: Issues and Trends
· Market Realism and the Future of the Optical Switching Components Business : White Paper
· Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Signal Processing
· Maximizing Call Center Performance
· Media Now: Understanding Media, Culture, and Technology With Infotrac
· Mercenaries of the Wireless Terminal War
· Mesh-based Survivable Transport Networks: Options and Strategies for Optical, MPLS, SONET and ATM Networking
· Metro Area Networking
· Mexican Mobile Corporate Services Still Focused on Voice
· Middleware for the Wireless Web
· Migrating to IP-Enabling Technologies: Identifying Critical Consumer Applications
· Mike Meyers' CCNA (TM) Exam Passport (Exam 640-507)
· Millimeter Waves in Communication Systems (Innovative Technology Series: Information Systems and Networks)
· Minimum Risk Strategy for Acquiring Communications Equipment and Service (The Artech House Telecommunication Library)
· Mixed Signal VLSI Wireless Design - Circuits and Systems
· MMS Content & Applications
· MMS Markets & Technologies
· Mobile .NET
· Mobile Agents
· Mobile Agents and Security (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1419)
· Mobile Agents for Telecommunication Applications (Innovative Technology Series: Information Systems and Networks)
· Mobile Agents for Telecommunication Applications: Third International Workshop, Mata 2001, Montreal, Canada, August 14-16, 2001 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2164)
· Mobile Agents: Second International Workshop, Ma '98, Stuttgart, Germany, September 9-11, 1998: Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1477)
· Mobile and Wireless Communications Networks: Ifip- Tc6/European Union Networking 2000 International Workshop, Mwcn 2000: Paris, France, May 16-17, 2000 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1818)
· Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials
· Mobile Application Development with SMS and the SIM Toolkit
· Mobile Business Strategies: Understanding the Technologies and Opportunities
· Mobile Commerce: Technology, Theory and Applications
· Mobile Communications Design Fundamentals
· Mobile Communications Engineering: Theory and Applications
· Mobile Communications, Second Edition
· Mobile Computation With Functions
· Mobile Computing: Implementing Pervasive Information and Communications Technologies
· Mobile Data Access: 1st International Conference, Mda'99 Hong Kong, China, December 16-17, 1999Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1748)
· Mobile Device Game Development (Game Development Series)
· Mobile E-Commerce
· Mobile Fading Channels: Modelling, Analysis, & Simulation
· Mobile Games: Can Fun Make Money?
· Mobile Gaming: Will the Market for Mobile
· Mobile Internet Business Models and Revenue Share Trends
· Mobile IP Design Principles and Practices
· Mobile IP Technology for M-Business
· Mobile IP the Internet Unplugged
· Mobile Location Services: The Definitive Guide
· Mobile Location Update: Technology is good, but where are the services?
· Mobile Music Distribution Begins with Payment and Playback
· Mobile Payments: What Are They Worth?
· Mobile Telecommunications Protocols for Data Networks
· Mobile Telematics Interest and Awareness
· Mobile Usability: How Nokia Changed the Face of the Mobile Phone
· Mobile Virtual Network Operators
· Mobile VPN : Delivering Advanced Services in Next Generation Wireless Systems
· Mobile Web vs. Reality
· Mobile.Net: Convergence of the Wireless and Internet Value Chains
· Mobilize Your Enterprise: Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Wireless Technology
· Mobilize Yourself! The Microsoft Guide to Mobile Technology
· Moving to Mobile: What to Know When Transitioning Web Applications to Wireless Devices
· MPEG Handbook
· M-Profits: Making Money from 3G Services
· Multiaccess, Mobility and Teletraffic for Wireless Communication
· Multimedia and Communications Technology, Second Edition
· Multimedia Communications
· Multimedia Communications : Protocols and Applications
· Multimedia Communications Networks: Technologies and Services
· Multimedia Communications: Directions and Innovations
· Multimedia Management (Innovative Technology Series: Information Systems and Networks)
· Multimedia Messaging Service : An Engineering Approach to MMS
· Multimedia Telecommunications
· Multimedia Wireless Networks: Technologies, Standards and QoS
· Multi-modality: an all-access pass to eBusiness
· Multinational Users: More and More for Less and Less . . .
· Multiple Access Protocols for Mobile Communications : GPRS, UMTS and Beyond
· Multiple User Interfaces : Cross-Platform Applications and Context-Aware Interfaces
· Multirate Systems: Design and Application
· Multiresolution Signal Decomposition: Transforms, Subbands, Wavelets
· Multisensor Instrumentation 6 Design: Defined Accuracy Computer Integrated Measurement Systems
· Multi-Standard Cmos Wireless Receivers: Analysis and Design (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 675)
· Multiwavelength Optical LANs
· Multiwavelength Optical Networks: A Layered Approach
· MVNOs by the Numbers: The Financial Viability of MVNOs in the U.S. and Latin America
· Network Cabling Handbook
· Network Design Using Econets
· Network Flows: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
· Network Management, MIBs and MPLS: Principles, Design and Implementation
· Network Manager's Handbook
· Network Security Essentials (2nd Edition)
· Network Security Illustrated
· Network Technology for Digital Audio (Music Technology)
· Networking 2000: Broadband Communications, High Performance Networking, and Performance of Communication Networks (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1815)
· Networking A to Z
· Networking Technologies for Cabling Professionals
· Networking Today
· Neural Networks: A Comprehensive Foundation (2nd Edition)
· New Communications Technologies
· New Technologies at Work: People, Screens and Social Virtuality
· New Wireless Data Services Deliver the Power of the Web to the Hands of Mobile Users
· Newton's Telecom Dictionary: Covering Telecommunications, Networking, Information Technology, Computing and the Internet
· Next Generation Intelligent Networks
· Next Generation Network Services: Technologies & Strategies
· Next Generation Optical Network Design and Modelling: Ifip Tc6/Wg6.10 Sixth Working Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling (Ondm 2002), February 4-6, 2002, Torino, Italy (International Federation for Information Processing (Series), 114.)
· Next Generation Phone Systems: How to Choose a Voice and Data Communications System for E-Business
· Next Generation Wireless Networks (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science Volume 598)
· Noise Analysis of Radio Frequency Circuits
· Nonlinear Optical Communication Networks
· Nortel Networks Layer 3 Switching
· Object Oriented Software Technologies in Telecommunications: From Theory to Practice
· Observations from the Wireless Data Forum: Opportunities Breed Confusion
· OFDM and MC-CDMA for Broadband Multi-User Communications, WLANs and Broadcasting
· OFDM for Wireless Multimedia Communications
· Official Wireless Application Protocol: The Complete Standard with Searchable CD-ROM
· Online Communication : Linking Technology, Identity, and Culture
· Opportunities Ahead: The Arrival of Wireless Internet in Brazil
· Optical Access: Next Generation Technology and Services in the First Mile : Executive Summary
· Optical Communications and Networks: (Icocn 2002)
· Optical Ethernet in the Access Network : White Paper
· Optical Networking & Wdm
· Optical Networking in the Metro Core : A Preliminary Look
· Optical Networks: Architecture and Survivability
· Optical Packet Access Protocols for Wdm Networks
· Optical Switching Sub-systems and Components: Market and Trends : Executive Summary
· Optical Switching Systems : What is the Outlook for the O-E-O Corss-Connect Business/
· Optical Switching: A Competitive Analysis : Executive Summary
· Optimizing Voice in ATM/IP Mobile Networks
· OSI Reference Model for Telecommunications
· Packet Broadband Network Handbook
· Pattern Recognition and Prediction With Applications to Signal Characterization (Aip Series in Modern Acoustics and Signal Processing)
· Pattern Recognition, Second Edition
· PBX Systems for IP Telephony
· PDA Security : Incorporating Handhelds into the Enterprise
· Performability Modelling : Techniques and Tools
· Performance Evaluation of Communication Networks (Artech House Telecommunication Library)
· Performance Guarantees in Communication Networks
· Performance of TCP/IP Over ATM Networks
· Personal Communication Systems and Technologies (The Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Pervasive Computing: Technology and Architecture of Mobile Internet Applications
· Pete & Jason Moulton's Telecom Survival Training Course
· Photonic Network Technology
· Planet Broadband
· Planning and Architectural Design of Integrated Services Digital Networks: Civil and Military Applications (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 308)
· Planning and Architectural Design of Modern Command Control Communications and Information Systems: Military and Civilian Applications (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 400)
· Planning Telecommunication Networks
· Plight of the Mobile Navigator: A Usability Analysis of European Mobile Internet Portals
· Plunkett's Computer and Software Industry Trends & Statistics 2003 (Summary)
· Power Line Communications
· PPP and L2TP: Remote Access Communications
· Practical IP and Telecom for Broadcast Engineering and Operations
· Practical Multiservice LANs: ATM and RF Broadband
· Practical VoIP Using VOCAL
· Practical Wireless Data Modem Design (Artech House Mobile Communications Library)
· Predictive Dialing Fundamentals: An Overview of Predictive Dialing Technologies, Their Applications and Usage Today, With a Predominant Emphasis on Outbound Call Management
· Preferential Emergency Communications: From Telecommunications to the Internet (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Secs 744)
· Preparing for Carrier-Mediated Services
· Presenting Pictures
· Pricing Communication Networks : Economics, Technology and Modelling
· Principles of Digital Communication Systems and Computer Networks (Electrical and Computer Engineering Series)
· Principles of Digital Transmission: With Wireless Applications (Plenum Series in Telecommunications)
· Principles of Secure Communication Systems (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Principles of Wireless Networks: A Unified Approach
· Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption
· Proceedings of the Workshop on Scientific Computing: Hong Kong 10-12 March, 1997
· Professional JMS
· Programming and Deploying Java(TM) Mobile Agents with Aglets(TM)
· Protocols for High-Efficiency Wireless Networks
· Providing Quality of Service in Heterogeneous Environments: Proceedings of the 18th International Teletraffic Congress-Itc-18, Berlin, Germany, 31 August-5 September 2003 (Teletraffic Science and Engineering)
· Public Access Wireless LAN Will Not Cannibalize 3G in Europe
· Public Wi-Fi LAN Threat Becomes Wireless Carrier Opportunity
· Public Wireless Local-Area Solutions
· QoS in Integrated 3G Networks
· Quality of Service Control in High-Speed Networks
· Quality of Service in a Cisco(r) Networking Environment
· Quantum Communication, Computing, and Measurement 2
· Queuing Systems Volume Three: Computer Applications Second Edition
· Radiowave Propagation and Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science Volume 599)
· Random Signals for Engineers Using Matlab and Mathcad
· RBOC, Optics and OSMINE : The Latest Thinking
· RBOCs : Verizon and SBC: A Large Brick Wall for Non-Traditional Optical Gear Suppliers; An Overdue Need for Dramatic Changes in Bell Operating Company Procedures
· Real-Time Digital Signal Processing,   : Implementations, Application and Experiments with the TMS320C55X
· Redesigning Human Systems
· Regulating Broadband Services Around the World — Controversy,Uncertainty,and Questioning of Competition Policies (Part 2:Latin America and North America)
· Regulating Broadband Services Around the World- Controversy, Uncertainty, and Questioning of Competition Policies (Part 1: Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
· Regulating the Global Information Society (Warwick Studies in Globalisation)
· Regulation of Information Technology in the European Union
· Reliable Data Communications
· Residential Broadband (2nd Edition)
· Residential Broadband Networks
· Residential Broadband: Cable Modems and DSL Reach Critical Mass
· Residential MDUs: A Market Yet to Be Tapped?
· Residential Network Cabling
· Residue Number Systems: Algorithms and Architectures (Kluwer International Series in Ingineering and Computer Science, 677)
· Rethinking Rights and Regulations : Institutional Responses to New Communications Technologies
· Revolution in the U.S. Information Infrastructure
· RF/Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Applications
· Rhetorical Ethics and Internetworked Writing
· Rich Media Applications Market Trends
· Role-Based Access Control
· RPR : Resilient or Rigid?
· Ruling the Root: Internet Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace
· Sample Rate Conversion in Software Configurable Radios (Artech House Mobile Communications Series)
· SANs Demystified
· Satellite Encryption
· Satellite Transponders
· Scalable Performance Signalling and Congestion Avoidance
· Secure Broadcast Communication: In Wired and Wireless Networks
· Secure Communications: Applications and Management
· Secure Messaging with PGP and S/MIME
· Securing Java: Getting Down to Business with Mobile Code, 2nd Edition
· Security and Privacy in the Age of Uncertainty: Ifip Tc11 18th International Conference on Information Security (Sec2003), May 26-28, 2003, Athens, Greece (International Federation for Information Processing (Series), 122.)
· Security, Rights, & Liabilities in E-Commerce
· Self-Similar Network Traffic and Performance Evaluation
· Service and Device Discovery : Protocols and Programming
· Service Management in Computing and Telecommunications
· Services for UMTS: Creating Killer Applications in 3G
· Session Controllers: A New Breed of Intelligent Edge Devices
· Shining the Light on Intelligent Optical Networking, Redefining the Market Yields New Results: A Demand Side Study
· Signal Processing in C
· Signal Processing Systems: Theory and Design
· Signaling in Telecommunication Networks
· Signaling System # 7
· Signaling System No. 7 (SS7/C7): Protocol, Architecture, and Applications
· Signals and Filters
· Signals and Systems
· Signals and Systems (2nd Edition)
· Signals and Systems: Continuous and Discrete (4th Edition)
· Simulation and Software Radio for Mobile Communications
· Simulation of Communication Systems: Modeling, Methodology, and Techniques
· Simulation Techniques : Models of Communication Signals and Processes
· Singapore Broadband Services 2003
· SIP Demystified
· SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol
· Smart Antenna Systems and Wireless Lans (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 474)
· Smart Cards Market Trends
· Smart Homes for Dummies, Second Edition
· SMB Broadband: Identifying Revenue Opportunity with Bundles
· SNMP at the Edge : Building Effective Service Management Systems
· Social Consequences of Internet Use: Access, Involvement, and Interaction
· Social Experiments With Information Technology and the Challenges of Innovation
· Softswitch : Architecture for VoIP (Professional Telecom)
· SoftSwitch Technology
· Software Agents for Future Communication Systems
· Software Defined Radio : Architectures, Systems and Functions
· Software Defined Radio: Enabling Technologies
· Software Defined Radio: Origins, Drivers and International Perspectives
· Software Radio Architecture: Object-Oriented Approaches to Wireless Systems Engineering
· Software Radio Technologies: Selected Readings
· SONET/SDH Demystified
· SONET-based Metro Area Networks
· Space Division Multiple Access for Wireless Local Area Networks (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 631)
· Space/Terrestrial Mobile Networks : Internet Access and QoS Support
· Space-Time Block Coding for Wireless Communications
· Space-Time Coding
· Speech and Audio Signal Processing : Processing and Perception of Speech and Music
· Speech Coding Algorithms : Foundation and Evolution of Standardized Coders
· Speech Coding and Synthesis
· Speech Coding: A Computer Laboratory Textbook
· Spoken Language Processing: A Guide to Theory, Algorithm and System Development
· Spread Spectrum CDMA : IS-95 and IS-2000 for RF Communications
· Standard Codecs : Image Compression to Advanced Video Coding
· Strategic Directions 2001 Report: Global IP Telephony Market
· Strategies for eCommerce Success
· Strategies for the Wireless Office: market trends and business drivers. Key technologies and the impact of Bluetooth
· Streaming Media Demystified (McGraw-Hill Telecom)
· Switching and Traffic Theory for Integrated Broadband Networks (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 91)
· SyncML: Synchronizing and Managing Your Mobile Data
· System Analysis and Signal Processing
· System-Level Power Optimization for Wireless Multimedia Communication: Power Aware Computing
· Systems Engineering with SDL: Developing Performance-Critical Communication Systems
· T1: A Survival Guide
· Taiwan Broadband Services 2003
· TCP/IP Essentials
· Technology Titans Tackle Mobile Computing in the Enterprise
· Telecom Debt Causing Carrier Crisis: Giga Collaboration
· Telecom Protocol Finder
· Telecommunications
· Telecommunications and Rural Development: A Study of Private and Public Sector Innovation
· Telecommunications and the Computer (3rd Edition)
· Telecommunications Breakdown: Concepts of Communication Transmitted via Software-Defined Radio
· Telecommunications Cost Management
· Telecommunications Internetworking: Delivering Services Across the Networks
· Telecommunications Law in the Internet Age
· Telecommunications Network Design and Management
· Telecommunications Network Management
· Telecommunications Network Management Into the 21st Century
· Telecommunications Optimization: Heuristic and Adaptive Techniques
· Telecommunications Projects Made Easy
· Telecommunications Survival Guide: Understanding and Applying Telecommunications Technologies to Save Money and to Develop New Business
· Telecommunications Technologies for Small Businesses
· Telecommunications Technologies Reference
· Telecommunications: A Beginner's Guide
· Telecommunications: Protocols and Design
· Telecommunications: Today's Ten Most Critical Telecommunications Technologies with a Focus on the Internet
· Telecommuting and Virtual Offices : Issues and Opportunities
· Telecosm: How Infinite Bandwith Will Revolutionize Our World
· Tele-Learning: The Challenge for the Third Millennium: Ifip 17th World Computer Congress--Tc3 Stream on Tele-Learning, August 25-30, 2002, Montreal, Quebec (International Federation for Information Processing (Series), 102.)
· Telemetry Systems Engineering
· Teletext: Its Promise and Demise
· Teletraffic Engineering in a Competitive World
· Testing of Communicating Systems - Volume 10
· The Adoption of Wireless LAN in Malaysia
· The Art and Business of Speech Recognition: Creating the Noble Voice
· The Best Damn Cisco Internetworking Book Period
· The Brazilian Broadband Wireless Access Opportunity
· The Brazilian Wireless Market Prepares for the Arrival of PCS
· The cdma2000 System for Mobile Communications : 3G Wireless Evolution
· The Communications Handbook, Second Edition
· The Communications Toolkit: How to Build and Regulate Any Communications Business
· The Death of Distance: How the Communications Revolution Is Changing our Lives
· The Decline of the Optical Networking Industry Forecast and How it Can be Stopped : White Paper
· The Definitive Guide to Business Resumption Planning (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· The Dictionary of Multimedia: Terms & Acronyms
· The Digital Signal Processing Handbook
· The Digital Sublime : Myth, Power, and Cyberspace
· The End of Patience: Cautionary Notes on the Information Revolution
· The Enterprise Voice Equipment Market: A Study of Channel Strategies and End-User Buying Habits
· The Essential Guide to Mobile Business
· The Essential Guide to Wireless Communications Applications, From Cellular Systems to WAP and M-Commerce
· The European Wireless Report
· The Evolving Telecom E-Marketplace: Adapting Its Business Model to Survive
· The Fax Modem Sourcebook
· The Freedom Economy: Gaining the mCommerce Edge in the Era of the Wireless Internet
· The Fundamentals of Network Security
· The Future of Wireless LAN in Asia
· The Get-Started Guide to M-Commerce and Mobile Technology
· The Global Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Market
· The Highwaymen: Updated and Expanded
· The i-mode Wireless Ecosystem
· The Implementation (TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 2)
· The Information Resources Policy Handbook: Reserach for the Information Age
· The Intelligent Network Standards: Their Application to Services
· The Internet and Society
· The Internet Under the Hood:
· The Internet Upheaval: Raising Questions, Seeking Answers in Communications Policy (Telecommunications Policy Research Conference)
· The Knowledge Medium: Designing Effective Computer-Based Learning Environments
· The Management of Convergence Telecommunications in the New Environment
· The Matrix: Computer Networks and Conferencing Systems Worldwide
· The Medium and the Muse: Culture, Telecommunications and the Information Highway
· The New Media Reader
· The New Telephony: Technology Convergence, Industry Collision
· The Next Generation of Optical Fibers
· The Penguin Atlas of Media and Information: Key Issues and Global Trends
· The Project Management Communications Toolkit (Artech House Project Management Library)
· The Rise and Stall of Optical Standards in 2002
· The Robot in the Garden: Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age of the Internet (Leonardo Books)
· The Science of Radio: With Matlab and Electronics Workbench Demonstrations
· The Telecom Handbook
· The Telecommunications Illustrated Dictionary, Second Edition
· The Telecommunications Sector and Economic Recovery
· The Telephony Tutorials: A Practical Guide for Managing Business Telecommunications Resources
· The U.S. Small/Medium Sized Business Market for Internet-Based Fax Services, Fax Machines and Related Technology
· The Universal Cell Phone
· The Unpredictable Certainty: Information Infrastructure Through 2000
· The Virtual Studio: Technology and Techniques (Book & CD-ROM)
· The Wireless Mobile Internet: Architectures, Protocols and Services
· The Wireless Web Usability Handbook
· The Worlds of Electronic Commerce
· Third Generation CDMA Systems for Enhanced Data Services
· Third Generation Optical Network Management as a Market Differentiator : White Paper
· Third Generation Wireless Information Networks (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 156)
· Tiered Broadband Services: Tailor Access Offerings to Maximize Demand and Profitability
· Time-Domain Methods for Microwave Structures : Analysis and Design
· Today's Television Networks, Part 1: Is IP the Answer?
· Today's Television Networks, Part 2: Next-Generation Video Content Distributioon from Source to Set-Top
· Towards the Semantic Web: Ontology-Driven Knowledge Management
· Towards the Visual Microprocessor: VLSI Design and the Use of Cellular Neural Network Universal Machines
· Trellis and Turbo Coding
· Tribology and Mechanics of Magnetic Storage Devices
· Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony
· Trust in Cyberspace
· Tunable Lasers-Current Realities and Future Prospects : White Paper
· Tunable Optical Components: A Technologies and Market Assessment : Executive Summary
· Tuning Microsoft Server Clusters: Guaranteeing High Availability for Business Networks
· Turbo Codes: Error-Correcting Codes of Widening Application (Innovative Technology Series: Information Systems and Networks)
· Turbo Codes: Principles and Applications
· Turbo Coding (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 476)
· Turbo Coding for Satellite and Wireless Communications (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 702)
· Turbo Coding, Turbo Equalisation and Space-Time Coding for Transmission over Fading Channels
· Txt Tlk
· U.S. Wireless Carriers Prepare for Premium Content
· Ultra Long-Haul DWDM : Market Explosion or a Modest Opportunity?
· UMTS Network Planning and Development : Design and Implementation of the 3G CDMA Infrastructure
· UMTS: The Fundamentals
· Understanding Data Communications (7th Edition)
· Understanding Data Communications: From Fundamentals to Networking, 3rd Edition
· Understanding Digital Signal Processing
· Understanding Digital Subscriber Line Technology
· Understanding Emerging Network Services, Pricing, and Regulation (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Understanding Modern Telecommunications and the Information Superhighway (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Understanding Networking Technology: Concepts, Terms, and Trends (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Understanding Optical Communications
· Understanding Sonet/Sdh and Atm: Communications Networks for the Next Millennium
· Understanding Wap : Wireless Applications, Devices, and Services (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· UNIX Made Easy
· Usability Evaluation of Online Learning Programs
· Validation of Telecom Systems with SDL
· Value-Added Services in Europe: The Transition from SMS to Wireless Internet
· Valueware : Technology, Humanity and Organization
· Vector Quantization and Signal Compression (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 159)
· Verizon Wireless Company Profile
· Verizon Wireless's 1XRTT Enterprise Push
· Vertical Telco Portals: Putting a Face on the Telecom World for SMBs
· Video Codec Design: Developing Image and Video Compression Systems
· Video Coding for Mobile Communications: Efficiency, Complexity and Resilience
· Video Compression Demystified
· Video Mining
· Video over DSL: Evaluating Opportunities Enabled by Faster Broadband
· Videoconferencing and Videotelephony: Technology and Standards (Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Videoconferencing Demystified
· Videoconferencing for the Real World: Implementing Effective Visual Communications Systems
· Videoconferencing: The Whole Picture
· Virtual Globalization: Virtual Spaces/Tourist Spaces (Routledge Advances in Sociology)
· Virtual Private Networks
· VLSI for Wireless Communication
· Voice & Data Internetworking
· Voice and Data Communications Handbook
· Voice Compression and Communications: Principles and Applications for Fixed and Wireless Channels
· Voice Gateways: A Long-Term Solution for Converged Carrier Networks?
· Voice over DSL Market Trends
· Voice over Internet Protocol/VoIP Gateway
· Voice Over IP - excerpt
· Voice over IP Fundamentals
· Voice Over IP Technologies: Building the Converged Network
· Voice Over MPLS
· Voice Over MPLS : Planning and Designing Networks
· Voice Over Packet Networks
· Voice, Video, and Data Network Convergence: Architecture and Design, From VoIP to Wireless
· Voice-over-Broadband Market Analysis
· VoIP and IP VPN Opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe
· VoIP in Asia: A Game Plan Is on the Table
· VoIP Service Quality : Measuring and Evaluating Packet-Switched Voice
· VoIP Standards and Protocols
· VPNs: A Beginner's Guide
· Vsats: Very Small Aperture Terminals (Iee Telecommunications Series, No 28)
· WAP Integration: Professional Developer's Guide
· Wap Technology and Applications
· Wave Division Multiplexing Moves into the Metro Mainstream
· Wavelet Applications in Engineering Electro- magnetics
· W-CDMA and cdma2000 for 3G Mobile Networks
· W-CDMA Mobile Communication Systems
· WCDMA: Towards IP Mobility and Mobile Internet
· WDM Optical Networks: Concepts, Design, and Algorithms
· Web Based Management of IP Networks & Systems
· Web-Based Education: Learning from Experience
· Western European Wireless LAN Market Forecast and Analysis 2000-2005
· What Does the Future Hold for Handheld Devices?
· Why Optical Networking will Cost Less in the Future: Four New Product Strategies : White Paper
· Why WAN Outsourcing Providers Must Offer Applications Services: Results from a CIR End User Survey : White Paper
· WiFi and Bluetooth Coexistence
· Wi-Fi for the Enterprise : Maximizing 802.11 For Business
· Wi-Fi Handbook : Building 802.11b Wireless Networks
· Wired Portals Go Mobile: A Progress Report on Four Major Internet Media Networks
· Wireless Access and the Local Telephone Network (Telecommunications Library)
· Wireless and Cellular Networks
· Wireless Application Development
· Wireless ASPs in Europe: An Endangered Species
· Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
· Wireless Communications Design Handbook: Terres- Trial & Mobile Interference,
· Wireless Computing : A Manager's Guide to Wireless Networking
· Wireless Data Demystified
· Wireless Data in Latin America: Myth or Reality?
· Wireless Data Quality of Service Survey
· Wireless Data Technologies Reference Handbook
· Wireless Data User Survey
· Wireless Hacks
· Wireless Home Networking Equipment
· Wireless Home Networking for Dummies
· Wireless Horizon
· Wireless Imaging - Overcoming the Challenges - Infrastructure
· Wireless Imaging - Overcoming the Challenges - Infrastructure and Players
· Wireless Imaging - Overcoming the Challenges - Players
· Wireless Information Networks
· Wireless Infrastructure Technologies
· Wireless Intelligent Networking
· Wireless Internet Access for Dummies
· Wireless Internet Access over Gsm and Umts (Signals and Communications Technology)
· Wireless Internet and Mobile Business How to Program
· Wireless Internet Applications & Architecture
· Wireless Internet Crash Course
· Wireless Internet Platforms: Markets, Technologies and Business Strategies
· Wireless Internet: How Much Money Will Consumers Really Pay?
· Wireless IP and Building the Mobile Internet
· Wireless Java for Symbian Devices
· Wireless Lan Standards and Applications
· Wireless Lan Systems (The Artech House Telecommunications Library)
· Wireless LAN: Operator Friend or Foe? Six Business Cases: From Seoul to New York to São Paulo
· Wireless LANs Demystified (Demystified)
· Wireless LANs in Transition: A Never-Ending Story?
· Wireless Local Area Networks: The New Wireless Revolution
· Wireless Messaging Demystified: SMS, EMS, MMS, IM, and others
· Wireless Messaging Solutions for the Enterprise, Part 1: An Overview of the Options
· Wireless Mobile Phone Access to the Internet (Innovative Technology Series: Information Systems and Networks)
· Wireless Network Evolution: 2G to 3G
· Wireless Network Performance Handbook
· Wireless Networking
· Wireless Networks
· Wireless Ofdm Systems: How to Make Them Work? (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, 692)
· Wireless PC-Based Services : How to Design, Build, and Program Systems Using the Latest Internet Standards and Organizational Techniques
· Wireless Personal and Local Area Networks
· Wireless Personal Communications - Bluetooth Tutorial and Other Technologies (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Volume 592)
· Wireless Security
· Wireless Security and Privacy: Best Practices and Design Techniques
· Wireless Security End to End
· Wireless Security: Models, Threats, and Solutions
· Wireless Spectrum Management (Telecom Engineering)
· Wireless Systems and Mobile Computing
· Wireless Technologies' Impact on e-Commerce: Forecast and Assumptions 1999 - 2004
· Wireless Voice and Broadband Access Unlock Local Line’s Grip on Consumers
· Wireless Web Development
· Wiring Home Networks
· WLAN Systems & Wireless IP for Next Generation Communications
· WLANs and WPANs towards 4G Wireless
· WML & WMLScript: A Beginner's Guide
· Worldwide Advances in Communication Networks
· Worldwide Wi-Fi: Technological Trends and Business Strategies
· You Say You Want a Revolution : A Story of Information Age Politics

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