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· A Teacher's Guide to Using Technology in the Classroom
· Activities Using the World Wide Web: Grades 1-5
· Computer Activities Across the Curriculum
· Designing and Teaching an On-Line Course: Spinning Your Web Classroom
· Designing Web-Based Training : How to Teach Anyone Anything Anywhere Anytime
· Early Childhood Activities With Internet Connections
· Easy Ways to Make Technology Work for You (Scholastic Technology, Grades 4-8)
· Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education : Foundations for Success
· Excel Workshop For Teachers, Second Edition
· HyperStudio Made Very Easy! (Grades 3-5)
· HyperStudio: Simple Projects: Intermediate
· HyperStudio¨ for Terrified Teachers
· Inquiring Educators Want to Know : TeacherQuests for Today's Teachers
· Instructional Video
· Integrating Computer Technology into the Classroom (2nd Edition)
· Internet and Web Design for Teachers: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Virtual Classroom
· Internet For Teachers & Parents
· Issues in Teaching Using ICT (Issues in Subject Teaching)
· Kids on the 'Net: Conducting Internet Research in K-5 Classrooms
· Literature Online: Reading & Internet Activities for Libraries & Schools
· Managing Technology in the One-Computer Classroom
· Microsoft Excel¨ Simple Projects
· Microsoft PowerPoint¨ Simple Projects
· Microsoft Word¨ for Terrified Teachers
· Microsoft Word¨ Simple Projects
· Microsoft Works¨ Simple Projects
· More Than Information: The Role of the Library Media Center in the Multimedia Classroom (Professional Growth Series)
· Multimedia Projects in Education : Designing, Producing, and Assessing
· Multimedia Storytimes
· Natural Disasters: Quick & Easy Internet Activities for the One-Computer Classroom
· NetSavvy : Building Information Literacy in the Classroom
· Passions, Pedagogies, and 21st Century Technologies
· PowerPoint Simple Projects
· Projects for New Technologies in Education : Grades 6-9
· Quick & Easy Internet Activities For The One-Computer Classroom: Pioneers (Scholastic Technology, Grades 4-8)
· Quick and Easy Internet Activities for the One-Computer Classroom: 20 Fun, Web-based Activities with Reproducible Graphic Organizers That Enable Kids to Research and Learn - On Their Own!
· Software Goes to School: Teaching for Understanding With New Technologies
· Teacher Templates for AppleWorks¨ (ClarisWorks¨ )
· Teachers, Computers, and Curriculum: Microcomputers in the Classroom (3rd Edition)
· Teaching Mathematics Using ICT
· Tech Team: Student Technology Assistants in the Elementary & Middle School (The Professional Growth Series)
· Technology in the Classroom: A Collection of Articles
· Technology, Reading and Language Arts
· TechTactics: Instructional Models for Educational Computing
· The Curriculum Yellow Pages
· The Internet and the World Wide Web for Teachers (2nd Edition)
· The Internet in School
· The Print Shop¨ for Terrified Teachers
· Using Excel in the Classroom
· Using PowerPoint in the Classroom
· Using Technology in the Classroom (5th Edition)
· Using Word in the Classroom
· Weather: Quick & Easy Internet Activities for the One-Computer Classroom
· WWW Almanac : Making Curriculum Connections for Special Days, Weeks and Months
· Www Motivation Mining: Finding Treasures for Teaching Evaluation Skills, Grades 1-6

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