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· A Quick Course in Windows for Workgroups (Quick Course Series)
· Complete Computer Concepts ; And, Windows Applications. Microsoft Word 2.0 for Windows, Microsoft Excel 4 for Windows, Paradox 1.0 for Windows): Microsoft Word 2.0 for Windows: Microsoft Excel 4 for Windows Paradox 1.0 for Windows/Book and (Shelly, Gary B
· Custom Controls Library
· Getting Started With Windows 3.1 (Wiley PC Companion)
· Illustrator 9 for Windows and Macintosh Visual Quickstart Guide
· News Book: An Introduction to the Network/Extensible Window System (Sun Technical Reference Library)
· The Joy of X : An Overview of the X Window System
· The X Toolkit Cookbook: Part A and B
· Using Excel Visual Basic for Applications, Special Edition
· Volume 5 : X Toolkit Intrinsics Reference Manual
· Window Programmer's Guide to Microsoft Foundation Class Library/Book and Disk
· Windows 3.1 in a Hurry (In a Hurry Series)
· Windows Desktop Support Resource Guide
· Windows: Basic Operation (Against the Clock Series,)
· Writing Windows Virtural Device Drivers (2nd Edition)
· X Window System User's Guide (The Artech House Telecommunications Library)

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