PDA Security : Incorporating Handhelds into the Enterprise

Author: David Melnick, Mark Dinman, Alexander Muratov
List Price: $39.95
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ISBN: 0071424903
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional (25 July, 2003)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 599,481
Average Customer Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 4 out of 5
Good resources for the ins and outs of PDA security
Most security managers wouldn't dream of leaving file servers or laptops filled with proprietary information unprotected. But the protection could be for naught if the same data is transferred to a personal digital assistant (PDA), which often is overlooked when security is considered. PDA Security: Incorporating Handhelds into the Enterprise trumpets the importance of PDA security and guides system administrators through protective measures.

When PDAs first appeared commercially, their capabilities were limited and their risks minimal. Today's PDAs have scores of megabytes of memory and well-developed networking capabilities, making them as important to protect as PCs and laptops.

PDA Security is valuable for corporate system administrators who need a PDA-protection architecture for their organizations. The book provides tactics on how to deploy, manage, and secure PDAs in the workplace.

Section one of the book offers a comprehensive introduction to PDA technology and security, with sections two and three exploring security mechanisms and strategies such as cryptography in greater detail. The book is not designed for end users; its information is far too technical for the casual PDA user. But administrators who must support and secure many PDAs will find a good resource here.

Rating: 1 out of 5
Waste of time and money!
This is a collection of information already on internet and by doing a few searches you can get it all. I would not pay for this.

I bought this book to learn more about the subject matter as we define policy for our company, however this looks like it's advertising about a product the author sells.

Waste of my time and money.

Rating: 4 out of 5
good book
This is a good book about a forgotten subject: PDA Security.

People put loads on confidential information on their PDA's w/o thinking about security.

Hopefully, those types will read this book.

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