Fireworks 4 Expert Edge

Author: Jeffrey Bardzell, Lisa Lopuck
List Price: $39.99
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ISBN: 0072131462
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (16 July, 2001)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 210,203
Average Customer Rating: 3.77 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5
Fireworks 4 Expert Edge Rocks!
Jeffrey Bardzell and Lisa Lopuck are a dynamic duo in the web development field. Not only did they write the outstanding work Fireworks 4 Expert Edge, they continue to team up with Fireworks MX Magic and other web-based courses. The synergy the two have displayed in these books is awesome, and the web site -...- simply puts this book over the top. If you have aspirations of being a great web designer, graphic artist, or multimedia specialist, this book is essential for your library. If you were to attend a Macromedia seminar, or a 3rd-party seminar, you would pay at least [$$$]dollars for what this book gives you. Go for it!

Rating: 3 out of 5
Big on Info, Short on Guidance
A handsome volume with nice screen shots, economical coverage and references to integrating with other Macromedia web apps .... but a not very satisfying guide for the novice user who really needs to get a grasp on what Fireworks is about.

The online tutorials connected with this book are outstanding, and were my main attraction to purchasing it; but when I got it home and started trying to use the book as a learning tool, I found the exercises to be greatly lacking in what could be considered tutorial materials. Granted, there are a few files you can download from the book's site, but much of the graphics the user is expected to create him/herself. A tad more examples of files would have been helpful, if for nothing else than deconstruction purposes, ideal file types and sizes, etc, just to get optimization concepts down.

At least the section ON optimization proceedure was found helpful, I'll give the authors that. For those of us who have been confronted with Adobe Imageready for the first time and not known what the heck to do, this book's section on finding the ideal format and size for web graphics is very well explained as to how, why and when to use variances of GIF or JPG for specific images, and I came away with a better understanding of that aspect.

A good enough reference for those who already sort of have a handle on web production ..... but I have yet to find a volume that effectively TEACHES Fireworks 4 in a capacity that can get a person up to speed in a timely manner.

Rating: 3 out of 5
Would have been rated higher but...
I wanted to rate this book higher. It is well written, high quality, and I still have it not far from my reach. Unfortunately, I just felt like there was a general lack of cohesiveness and flow.

It started off great. Chapters 1-4 were excellent in covering project work flow and design approaches (and SOME Dreamweaver integration). Then, just as I was thirsting for more detail, I was hit with chapters on vector graphics, optimization, flash, etc.. Finally, in some later chapters, I discovered there was more detail on the issues I was struggling with from the first chapters. When I jumped to those chapters, I felt I missed some info in between.

Any book I review at 3 stars or higher, I recommend to others. I still think it is worth the money. Even though it doesn't have a disc (they are often worthless anyway, and only add cost to production), it is a pretty good deal...

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