Data Structures in C++ : Using the Standard Template Library (STL)

Author: Timothy Budd
List Price: $98.00
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ISBN: 0201308797
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co (20 August, 1997)
Edition: Hardcover
Sales Rank: 172,091
Average Customer Rating: 2.33 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 1 out of 5
No good!
This book did provide some usefull expamples of C++ STL, but overall it is the worst C++ book I have ever read! I only have it because it was the required text for my Data Structures class. The Index is worthless! Many poor explanitions! There are fare better books out there for STL.

Rating: 3 out of 5
For beginners in C++ Data Structures
Actually this book is nice. This is the only book I use to learn STL C++ beside the Stroustrup's book. But, the only reason I bought this book was that this was the only STL book available in my local bookshop...;-)

I am really irritating in the way the author targets the readers. If you have programmed using C++ before, this book is NOT for you. This is really for second year Computer Science student who learns Basic Data Structures (List, Tree, etc.). It would be too slow for you and not give you much information. Sorting algorithm, binary tree implementation, and other data stuctures and algorithms are covered too much for an STL book, but too little for a data structures book. And finally, the price is too high. My suggestion is if you really love data structures and algorithm , buy other data structures and algorithm book (not this one), if you really want to dive deeply to STL C++ , buy other C++ books. If you would like to do both, maybe this book is for you.

I do not give this book 2 stars because this book has also useful information and I put this book on my shelf too, just beside the Stroustrup book.I do refer to this book more than the other one because I could only access to the French version of the Stroustrup book...;-)

Rating: 4 out of 5
Good Intro to the STL
I used this book in a Data Structures course, and it turned out to go pretty well. It covers all of the data structures in the STL (vectors, queues, strings, lists, etc.) in addition to some things not implemented (trees, hashes, etc.).

The nice thing about this book is for each data structure, it broke it up into two sections. A look at how it was implemented in the STL and also a look at the interface and how to use it, along with examples. In our course, we focused on how to use it (why reinvent the wheel), but it was nice to know how it works as well.

Budd also provides a nice quick sheet for each structure so when you are writing programs, you can refer to it and know immediately how to use that structure.

Be forewarned, some of his code has errors. You can download fixes for some at his website (listed in the book). Not all code has fixes on his website, but you should be able to fix them yourself after reading the book.

One final note, I was able to use most of the code in this book with both MS Visual C++ 5 and Borland C++ 5 with only minor modifications.

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