LINUX and UNIX Shell Programming

Author: David Tansley
List Price: $49.99
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ISBN: 0201674726
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co (27 December, 1999)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 154,981
Average Customer Rating: 3.55 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 1 out of 5
Is it a joke? Unix humor?
Addison-Wesley, a company known principally for its lavish gifts to university faculty members, and long ridiculed by the IT community, has produced a stunning achievement with this book. The company has managed to produce a technical book so full of so many kinds of errors - typos, grammatical, technical - that one wonders for a moment if it wasn't intended as "humor". Simultaneously, the company has also made its views on the importance of the quality of its products very clear: it isn't a concern.

In his acknowledgements, Mr. Tansley thanks his "editor", Steve Temblett along with Steve's assistant, Alison Birtwell. He should have had them arrested. If Addison-Wesley is paying Tansely, Temblett, and Birtwell, it should save its money. There is almost certainly an equal amount of accurate information on unix shell scripting in the same number of pages torn at random from London tabloids. Probably more. (And the company needs every dime; department chairs don't come cheap!)

As for Mr. Tansley (Can it possibly be his real name? Could one really attach one's name to a product this shoddy?): one hopes he is excersing slightly more care at the insurance company for which he works, Ace Global Markets, than he did during the production of this work. Still AGM would be well advised to order an audit.

This reviewer believes that accuracy IS important in technical publications. And he believes that it is unspeakably arrogant and insulting to issue and sell a book this badly prepared. The author should have read his own work. Instead, he tells us in the chatty preface how charming his children were about his gramatical mistakes and typos. But then, his children could afford to charming about the books errors and omissions; they weren't being asked to pony up $...for it.

Addison-Wesley, too, should have read and edited this book before sending it to market. Failing that, the company should have recalled the book when the number and magnitude of the errors were discovered. They ignored the errors. Not a word on their web site. No errata. Nothing. The reader is urged to follow the company's example. Ignore Addison-Wesley's books.

Rating: 4 out of 5
It's hard not to write a good shell book
It was a good book, i use it only for reference material and my girl is now helping herself thru a class with it (as of feb 21, 03). Overall, we both find it useful/helpful in many levels of our lifestyle with linux. (Sorry this review wasn't more informative, but it's not possible to be without diving headlong into a book you only use for reference We can both say it's an excellent for this purpose.)

Rating: 5 out of 5
Simply a great book on Unix Shell Programming
Reviewer: A reader from Modesto, CA United States
This is a marvellous book on Unix/Linux shell programming. D. Tansley knows unix/linux very well, and is a very good teacher too. (In my opinion if you study this book and "The Korn Shell" by Olczak you'll become very good at Unix and Shell scripting.) He has obviously thought a great deal about the organization of the book; in my opinion he has done it very well. About 1/2 the book is devoted to grep, find. awk, cron, file permissions, quoting, the login environment, etc. His explanations are the best I have read, and all this is enhanced by his organization of the material and his examples. He then gets into shell scripts, things like conditional testing, control flow structures, functions, and then more advanced material. And once again he does a very nice job. The more I read this book and use it in my daily work, the more impressed I am with it. If you are a unix/linux user do yourself a favor and get this book. One reviewer has given this book a scathing review; in my opinion this reviewer is totally off-the-wall. It may be that he has a problem with the english language (he's from Swizterland). Set aside his remarks.

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