Essential .NET, Volume I: The Common Language Runtime

Author: Don Box
List Price: $49.99
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ISBN: 0201734117
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co (04 November, 2002)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 12,795
Average Customer Rating: 4.14 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5
Solidify your understanding
This is not the book to dive into first if you want to really get .NET. It's actually a fairly interesting mixture of what I now consider obvious and what I never stopped to consider. If you are just starting out, I would begin with Richter's book, and then digest this one quickly afterwards. There is a significant amount of overlap, but your final understanding will be very balanced.

Rating: 5 out of 5
A dry subject made interesting
There are like a zillion CLR books out there and overall, it's not the type of subject that normally keeps you glued to it. When I got Jeffrey Richther's Microsoft .NET Framework book, I was convinced no one was going to outdo him. Well, it's a close call, but I think they are both Superb books by excellent authors. I've purchased Don's stuff before and really liked it. This book lived up to its expectations.

I think his ability to communicate some of the more obscure areas of the CLR in a very clear matter is what makes this book shine. This book can be understood by anyone because of the writer's gift for writing...but that's not to say it's a novice's book. Wherever you are in the .NET learning curve, there's something for you in this book.

If you really want to learn the CLR, this is a great place to start.

Rating: 5 out of 5
35 days of insights
In my POV this is a masterpiece!

I read both (Don Box's book and Stutz's Book)!

Stutz's book has an "inside-out POV" to expose the CLR features,
Don Box's book has an "outside-in POV" to expose the CLR features.

These two books are really cool... Any review less than 3 stars must be ignored!

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