Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming with Visual Basic in 21 Days

Author: Clayton Walnum
List Price: $39.99
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ISBN: 067231987X
Publisher: SAMS (04 December, 2000)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 64,722
Average Customer Rating: 3.42 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 2 out of 5
A Disappointment
this book just didnt meet my expectations, it focused too much on the authors pre-written programs and how to re-program them rather than teaching how to do things. the author spent the ENTIRE 3rd week on one program and most of the 2nd week on another program. the begging of the book focuses too much on designing graphics for the game rather than programming. the only good part(s) in the book took place over the end of week 1 and beggining of week 2 (6 chapters out of 21 that i liked).

Rating: 4 out of 5
Good Overall Game Examples For Any Language
This book goes through the details of many types of games, from card games to rpgs. These examples are good no matter what language you wish to program in. So if you are looking for game ideas, then this might be a good place to look. It comes with code for each game/example, and visual basic is easy to follow along with. They go into detail and explain all the code that they show you, which gives you good insight into some of the framework and details you need to think about before programming any game. I did not give this 5 stars because, if you are a knowledgable vb (or any language) programmer, then you could probably put these games together on your own without this book. Visual Basic is not a great language for programming games, but the simplicity of the language makes it simple to learn the basics of design and framework

Rating: 4 out of 5
Good Book For beginners
I learned VB 6 in the classroom so I had a basic knowledge of vb. I learned a lot about game programming from this book. I even learned a lot about VB. I like the way he explains the code. Also the exercises help reinforce what he covered in each chapter.If you are a person that learns by doing I recommend this book. He only spends a little time on DirectX. The introduction to AI was not very good. The flaws in the code were ok because I knew enough about vb and debugging to fix them.

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