Adobe Premiere 6.5 Complete Course

Author: Donna L. Baker
List Price: $49.99
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ISBN: 0764518968
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (17 March, 2003)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 408,102
Average Customer Rating: 3.25 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 2 out of 5
Baker's book is not for the novice.
If you're new to Premiere 6.5 I suggest getting Sam's Teach Yourself in 24 hours as it's much more complete and takes you by the hand from starting right into learning how to do DVD authoring and making the DVD on DVDitLE which comes with Premiere.

Donna Baker's book if full of pretty pics and I got it after getting some experience with .. even so I couldn't do the 'confidence builder' tutorial at the beginning of the book as the instructions were not clear enough. She also like A/B editing and tells you to set up Premiere 6.5 that way AFTER you've done the first tutorial project...and of course it's too late to make that change in setup. There is a workaround that, but Baker doesn't even tell you what it is!

I must admit that she has some interesting projects and hints and I did learn, but thank God I didn't start with this book or I would have given up months ago.

By the way I can't understand why Sam's book is the only one that covers ALL aspects of working with Premiere right to the final MPEG2 steps of doing DVD's...all the others leave the novice hanging up there in the air. Premiere is a difficult software and not very user friendly - be prepared for a long learning curve and a fast growing appreciation for all the time and work necessary in film editing.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Thorough book, helpful author
I was thilled with this book. It has clear instructions with great color pictures that show you exactly what you should be doing and how it should look. I learned my way around Premiere so quickly I was surprised at myself. All "teach yourself" books should be this easy to use!

I had no problems opening any files for this software - even the .mpgs (which Mac supports if all the software is installed correctly). And, although there is one set of files missing from the CD, I contacted the author and she was quick to help me. I had the necessary files within a couple of hours.

I think this is one of the best books out there on Premiere. An excellent buy and read.

Rating: 5 out of 5
A really excellent learning text
This is the best book I have ever seen or read on Premiere. It is a superb text. Let me state firstly that I had used Premiere 6.0 before reading this book, but when I upgraded to 6.5 I decided to look for a text that would give me a better model of Premiere than my hacking with it had done. Since I have a few dozen DV tapes I was less interested in the CD contents than in applying the lessons to work I had on hand.

If you have touched on early versions of Premiere, and want to consolidate your skills on 6.5 then this book is simply superb. I would go so far as to suggest throwing out other Premiere texts and sticking with this one.

Firstly, this is a book designed with the reader in mind. Every screen action and effect is clearly defined. Small red buttons show clickable areas and blue buttons indicate off screen actions or effects. Secondly, the layout is excellent, with the primary focus being on screenshots supported by textual descriptions. All the treacks are brought into use and shown, so you get a real flavour of the Premiere as a powerful editor. Thirdly, the lesson plans are well-paced and challenging. The tasks are meaningful and their purpose is made clear at the beginning of each section. Moreover, each section has a time component (90 minutes). Finally, the author is realistic about Premiere, and empahsises her own use and experiences in corporate video production.

As an XP user, I would recommend this book as an excellent example of a good pedagogical style. Maybe Mac people have different experiences. The missing CD contents are a problem and doesn't speak highly of quality control at some point in the process.

However, taken as a whole offering for Windows users, this is an outstanding book.

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