Maya 4.5 Savvy

Author: John Kundert-Gibbs, Peter Lee, John L. Kundert-Gibbs
List Price: $60.00
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ISBN: 0782141099
Publisher: Sybex (14 January, 2003)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 70,296
Average Customer Rating: 1.93 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 2 out of 5
Is there a support group for this book?!
I am a senior Computer Science Major, so computer systems aren't totally alien to me. This book personally is driving me nuts! Never having used Maya before, I have learned a lot! BUT!!!

- It is a trial of patience for a new user to go through so much content before actually having a use for it (i.e. how to customize the menu's according to your style [for more experienced users that actually have some]). Expect to read a lot and do very little at the beginning.

- I really don't think these books were ever tried out on the target market(s) before hitting the press. If you make a mistake, you'll probably just have to start all over again, or try reverting to some previously saved files. They don't warn of common pit falls. I have only been able to get about 2/3 of the tutorials done.

- Even if you get the tutorials done there can be extreme frustrations. For instance you make this aftershave bottle (took forever to attach the curve's, and I never knew why it finally worked the last time), and then you look at the picture the authors put together... their picture is beautiful, but hell if I know how to make mine look like that. Spent about 2 hours just trying to make glass look like glass. The Maya file is not on the CD, just the picture! Very few of the nice pictures that show you how it can look are actually on the CD so that you can figure out why it looks that way. Same for the M tutorial in chpt 16, and all the texturing examples in chpt 17! I would go on, but you should understand by now- You're on your own cowboy.

- Yeah that stupid head in chapter 5 would drive a buddist monk to slamming his mouse on the desk. There is about 2.25 pages of text telling you how to make this head... I'm still trying to figure out why I it won't let me select certain Control Vertices.

- The biggest thing is when I went to the users community at Alias and they told me to just buy a new book and then ask questions! They knew of this book, they have been dealing with these poor people banging out frustrations and questions based upon this book.

In summary, you can learn from this book, but it comes at a cost.

Rating: 1 out of 5
I checked this book out at the store to see if it had much-needed tutorial updates. I have been going through Mastering Maya 3.0 for a while, and I had thought it was an acceptable book until I got to the bit about modeling a Nurbs head. Who were they writing this book for? Other Maya book authors? The way they present information in this book is to start off with kindergarten basics, and then expect you to instantaneously go from that to advanced neurosurgery at the end of the chapter. "Here are some blocks with different letters of the alphabet on them. Now write a novel about Man's philosophical struggle with life and the world around him, but through the eyes of a parrot that exists in the mind of a catatonic schizophrenic who has been frozen in a prostrated position for ten years."

The above complaint relates to this book because this book offers no improvement over its predecessor. The tutorials are only helpful if you can do what they suggest already, in which case you're better off drinking tea and relaxing instead of bothering with this book.

To sum up- I have a hard time understanding who they thought would benefit from Maya 4.5 Savvy. The truly savvy will skip it. Perhaps it will come in handy as crude toilet paper after the Fall of Modern Civilization.

Rating: 2 out of 5
maya 4.5 savvy
maya 4.5 savvy is just the old blue mastering maya book with a new cover, its the same stupid child and stupid dog from the previous version..very few ground breaking moments...they used to corner the maya instructional book market..but now they need new content..I don't reccomend it to my students.., however there is one beautiful image of a yellow rusted robot that is contriubuted by a third party artist

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