Macromedia ColdFusion MX Development

Author: Eric Ladd
List Price: $34.99
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ISBN: 0789726939
Publisher: Que (15 July, 2002)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 357,319
Average Customer Rating: 3 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5
Great book for the classroom
My students and I have found this to be an excellent, well-paced book for ColdFusion classroom instruction. Definitely superior to Macromedia training products in which the examples are somewhat canned.

I had very favorable email interactions with the author, who also teaches ColdFusion at the university level. I don't know what the last reviewers problem was, but if you can't find the databases on the Que Web site, you should contact Que as they ultimately own the book and its contents and are responsible for its support. The author provided me with a number of Zip files with code and databases. The databases for chapters 4 and 5 are so simplistic, anyone should be able to recreate them with the most basic MS Access skills.

Again, great book for classroom use, though that is admittedly a niche market. Even so, the inviting style and tutorial exposition still make this a good starter book for the newbie.

Rating: 1 out of 5
... This book is a "mess". If you are a beginner and want to learn Coldfusion - DON'T WAST YOUR MONEY! No supporting database samples to download, code has typo, the author said he can't find the database for Chapter 4-7. What a waste of money.....

Rating: 1 out of 5
A Mess
This is book is a mess.
As a person who read more than a couple of computer books in his time, I was shocked to see how disorganized this book was topically. It starts out of nowhere and attempts to cover subjects, but instead dribbles tidbits of information with the shallowest possible coverage.
To make matters worse, the examples given in the book are long, tedious and confusing - especially for people who try to tackle programming for the first time - the intended audience of the book.

The only salvation for this book is that the technology it describes is so simple to begin with.
The most disappointing part though, is the book's index. Most people look there to find quick references and answers. This book's index will drive you straight to the web. The index is disorganized and for even a simple issue like file uploads, I had to research the web before finding information in the book about it.
Although reasonably price, it is not a great choice. It is another example of a lazy publisher who scrambles to get a book out as fast as possible without any serious proofing. Stay away.

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