Programming the Perl DBI

Author: Alligator Descartes, Tim Bunce
List Price: $34.95
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ISBN: 1565926994
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates (01 February, 2000)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 23,536
Average Customer Rating: 3.48 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 4 out of 5
still a valuable reference for multiple databases
This book has been a valuable reference of mine for several years for web database programming projects. I bought the book soon after it was released and continue to use it - sometimes on a daily basis depending upon the project I am currently developing. I realized from the beginning that much of the material in this book came from the online documentation and have still found the book to be useful enough to stay on my A-list of reference materials. Applications like CGIScripter need to utilize up to half a dozen different databases so I have found the reference section on each database be the section I often turn to first. I have not found this info available anywhere in the online documentation. When you program and debug on multiple computers with multiple windows open simultaneously, having a reference book is often more manageable than opening another window on the computer. And for those times when I am struggling with an especially troublesome programming issue, I have found it very helpful to sit in my easy chair with a reference book like the Perl DBI book in order to research the problem. The only reason I am not giving the book 5 stars is that it hasn't been updated in a few years so it doesn't include info on some of the new DBI supported databases like SQLite.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Good book for what it is.
It's hard to imagine an entire book about this. It's not bad, for what it is though. If you have any database knowledge and read the appropriate sections already in Programming Perl or the Perl Cookbook, I don't imagine you'll get too much use from this.

Rating: 2 out of 5
very mediocre
This book is very much a regurgitation of the docs you can find online. They are incomplete, and so is this book. I've been coding db's for 15+ years, so I can spot a mediocre doc when I see one almost instantly. I bought this book to learn more about the connection attributes - I have found evidence there are more than 2, but all the book discusses are PrintError and RaiseError. Big whoop... I have found several bugs in the DBI regarding binding params for parameterized sql statements, and am also having a problem w/ Perl trimming right spaces on my char columns, which caused major headaches and a lot of lost time debugging. The book doesn't help w/ any of this - I can't find any info that will help me solve any of these problems, although I remain convinced there must be some connection attibute to tell Perl to trim right padded spaces, etc. (LongTrunc?).

The bottom line is this: the book is very much the same as the on-line docs, and then they added in the obligitory but never necessary SQL intro chapters, nonsense on a "flat file db", etc. They pumped up the material to make it big enough to be a book. There's more than a little something missing - I totally agree w/ Mr. Philip R. Heath (thank you for an honest, accurate review).

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