AppleWorks 6: The Missing Manual

Author: Jim Elferdink, David Reynolds
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ISBN: 156592858X
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates (01 May, 2000)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 8,610
Average Customer Rating: 4.89 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5
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Had to get this book because Appleworks comes on Apple's stuff and you may as well get up the energy to use it instead of spending MEGA-dollars on Microsoft Office for the MAC. Why get a MAC so you can buy Microsoft stuff - get windows and run it there. The book is well written and actually covers the things I needed, for example: label generation, integration of graphics and spreadsheets, etc. Excellent index and table of contents, which are features on which so many books fall short.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Best Help With Databases Ever
Thanks to your book, AppleWorks 6, I am, for the first time ever, understanding how to create a database. Your chapter on that subject is suburb. It is easy to read, takes me carefully through each step, informs me of the quirks I might encounter and offers such a deep look into the program that I can see its application to a lot of my projects. I actually feel successful at setting up the complex database I am creating for my research.

Rating: 4 out of 5
The Swiss Army Knife of Apple Office Software
Why is AppleWorks 6 popular in classrooms and small businesses?

AppleWorks 6 has a word processing, graphics, database, web design, spreadsheet, and slide-show functions in a single, integrated application. Plus, it comes free with your iMac and eMac computers.

Like a good Swiss Army knife, AppleWorks 6 has a smart interface design and smooth integration with various AppleWorks 6 modules. Plus, it's accompanied by templates, art libraries, and fonts--and no printed instructions. AppleWorks 6: The Missing Manual is the book that should have been in the box.

Pages Worth Bookmarking

Page 279 - Clippings Artist in a Box

Page 310 Replacing the Font Menu with Buttons

Pages 365-366 MacLinkPlus, importance of RTF and Appleworks 6.1 (in Mac OS X, 6.2) You are eligible for the Missing Manual Discount at 60% off the street price for MacLinkPlus.

Page 394 - Properties, Compact filing card.

Page 395 - AppleWorks 6 Macros under Mac OS X cannot be created or played.

Page 397 - Script Menu

Page 441 - Colophon

The authors regret that they did not write their book in AppleWorks 6. The blame goes to the publishing industry staffers and the mistaken premise that Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 accepts nothing but Microsoft Word.

Personal Observation

RTF (Rich Text Format) is the "Rosetta Stone" needed for translating word documents to Mac OS programs and Windows non word applications such as Microsoft Works. Note: Adobe PageMaker 6.5 for the Mac works very well with RTF (Rich Text Format).

Pro Reaction

The authors place emphasis AppleWorks 6 interface, its Internet hooks, the Starting Points window, and the Presentation module.

Part by part coverage. The early chapters delve very deeply into the six core AppleWorks modules, including 85 pages on the word processor alone.

Power tools. Much of AppleWorks's power comes from its macros, templates, assistants, customizable Button bar, and web-based clip-art libraries.

Document exchange. File import and export transfers.

Troubleshooting. The authors freely acknowledge the AppleWorks's program's weaknesses--and offer work around solutions.

Con Reaction

Missing was a Quick Table of Contents. Also, missing was saving files into Microsoft Word documents as RTF (Rich Text Format).

Missing was the mentioning of Spreadsheet Menus on page viii of the Table of Contents Appendixes (should have between Word Processing Menus and Database Menus).

Final Words

AppleWorks 6: The Missing Manual treats AppleWorks as a serious productive tool. AppleWorks 6: The Missing Manual shows the Mac user how to get the most out AppleWorks. The manual has over 250 illustrations, a 2,000-entry index, and a menu-by-menu explanation of every command.

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