Windows 2000 Server Architecture and Planning, 2nd Ed.: A Must-Have Comprehensive Guide to Windows 2000

Author: Morten Strunge Nielsen
List Price: $59.99
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ISBN: 1576106071
Publisher: The Coriolis Group (09 February, 2001)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 321,597
Average Customer Rating: 4.46 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5
A Must Have for ANY W2K Administrator!
This book was recommended to a class of MCSE's as a "Must Have". I was a little skeptical at first, but as I spoke to others about it, they convinced me to buy it. The first few chapters were a little hard to understand but as I made my way through the book, I realized what Morten was trying to explain. One feature I like is the "Tips" and "Notes" sections. Most books offer this but this book is packed with them and most of all, they're really useful. Its like he's sitting next to you explaining what to look for and what not to do. The book is divided into five sections. Parts II & III and by far the best part of the book. If this book lacks anything, it may be a lack of "pleasurable" reading, or, lack of humor or wit. This book is a no nonsense book and not intended to be an "Introduction" to W2K Server, AD or architecture and planning. The lack of humor may be a good thing. Finally, I found this book to be as valuable as the data on my servers. I hope Morten releases more books like this in the future. Excellent book and resource!

Rating: 5 out of 5
I hate this book!
Everytime I go to the index and expect to be disapointed with a chapter of fluff and marketing speel I find myself reading the topic then the chapter then the next and hightlighting and bookmarking. I will never get to the all whitepapers now.

This is not a cookbook. It is a text of insights, opinions and suggestions for anyone tackling an AD design of ANY size.

What a refreshing and excellently crafted technology book! I didnt think it was possible.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Greatly helped to pass 70-219 Design Active Dir exam/future
I had his first edition of this book. When my brother was asking how to pass the 70-219 exam, I loaned him my Exam prep of 70-217 as well as the first edition of this book. I then realized that sooner or later we might be doing an Active Directory Design someday as well as prep for the 70-222 Migrating from NT 4 to W2k that if the 2nd edition was better why not get it. I just this week got the 2nd edition. I will indeed use it when I take the 70-222 and already brought the exam prep for 70-222.

It was pivotal when I used it earlier with a touch of 70-217 knowlege using Exam Prep for 70-217, was enough to pass the 70-219 Design Active directory, both on the same day on Febuary 8, 2001 along with some practice exams for 70-217. Hopefully sometime this year, I can add more comments when I take the 70-222. I am also a MCT part-time and plan to recommend this book for the 70-219 as well as a resource for actually doing an Active Directory design/migration. I need to pass one more exam to recertify as MCSE W2k. ...
April 7 2002
Well its been awhile; Truth, my focus has changed, I am doing CCNP (just starting) and WAN remote access, so why am I back? First I have only casual used it, 2nd edition. I am just starting to teach Active Directory and hopefully will teach AD design in the Fall, this will force me to read something beyond the MOC or ALS (Academic Learning Series); My focus has changed only because I was given opportunity to broaden my skills; I still believe W2K is good to have; ...

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