Advanced Bryce Creations: Photorealistic 3D Worlds

Author: R. Shamms Mortier, Shamms Mortier
List Price: $39.95
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ISBN: 1584500352
Publisher: Charles River Media (April, 2001)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 318,573
Average Customer Rating: 2.38 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 2 out of 5
Misleading Title; God-awful Graphics!
This book was published in 2001, and by those standards you'd expect a better treatment of the term "photorealism." Unfortunately, it's far from being so. The examples in the book and the animations on the CD look faceted, bizzare and surreal (even Dali, the author's so-called inspiration, would be horrified). They remind of graphics from the early eighties when stick figures and garish polygons ruled the desktops of a chosen few, and quite frankly, that's where this book belongs, if not right in the trash can. It's a very, very far cry from anything close to photorealistic in this age, let alone something (what?!!) 'advanced'.
The saving grace, however, is the creation of eight different story worlds that the author takes you through in fair detail (sketch to final setup), alongside how Bryce "handshakes" with packages like Poser, Painter, Amorphium, and a myriad other plug-ins and 3D modelers. This, in a way, makes it look like a catalog of all the different tools and products you could/should/will use to do something useful in Bryce. It's like: 'OK, Bryce can't do this, so why don't you get that... I can't imagine your *not* getting that!' In the end, this book feels disconnected and reads like an instruction manual (do this, create this shape, etc.). It forms a good enough source of ideas about Bryce world creation, but I recommend buying it only if you haven't yet bought any other Bryce book. "Real World Bryce 4" by Susan Kitchens, in comparison, does a far better job, costing about as much as this one.
Moral of the Story: Don't go by the look of the title 'Advanced Bryce Creations'; it's an insult to Bryce and Bryce users worldwide.

Rating: 3 out of 5
I'm glad that I bought this book.
After reading the negative reviews of Mr. Mortier's books, I hesitated to buy any of them but am glad that I went ahead and did so. I now own all of his Bryce books, as well as Real World Bryce 4, by Susan Kitchens. Mr. Mortier's artistic style is very different from mine, but his books have provided a springboard for some of my own creative ideas ...They have also shown me some techniques that I might not have figured out on my own. As a self-taught artist, if I get even a couple of new ideas from a book, I consider that book worth the price. I am grateful to Mr. Mortier for clarifying some key concepts and reinforcing my enthusiasm for Bryce.

Rating: 1 out of 5
I should write a book...
This book is definitely not for the intermediate looking to tweak their skills with. The pictures are poorly done and the writing is totally unstructured. As I recall, this book was suppose to be for the advanced level and it's more like grade school level. Don't waste your time or money on this one.

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