Beginning Java 2

Author: Ivor Horton
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ISBN: 1861002238
Publisher: Pub Resource (01 February, 1998)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 2,596
Average Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 4 out of 5
Beginning Java 2, JDK 1.3 Edition
I have only read a few chapters so far. But i've discovered that if you have no programming experience, this book doesn't cover the basic concepts thoroughly. At the top of the cover it reads: "programmer to programmer". So the book assumes you at least have some background in other programming languages. In which case, if I had, I may have given the book 5 stars. But if your a true beginner to programming I think it would be a good idea to purchase a book that covers the concepts of java, such as "Beginning Java Objects/Jacquie Barker ". (recommended at their All the same i'm glad I have this book, it covers Java very well, plus I will be reading it as soon as I finish learning the basics. They also have an interactive website. Certainly not a waste of money considering the return. Java programming has vast libraries of information, so reading a couple of books should be nothing. But don't be put off, it can also be fun along the way, if you understand the concepts first.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Quite useful
I have used this since I started to learn Java. It has been quite useful, though the major handicap is that at several places, it uses continuation of previous examples, rather than fresh examples. This results in some discomfort in using this as a reference guide, although it is great as a sit-through reading book.

Rating: 5 out of 5
very comprehensive, well-explained and logical
Good points:

[1] Logical and well organized, and well taught. Gives you first easy program and tells you about rough skeleton of a program main() and what a class is etc.
[2] Very comprehensive gives you ALL the details you need without over burdening you.

Bad points:

[1] Although it tells you about the JDK (aka Java SDK) how its structured etc.
It tells you to add commands to your autoexec.bat file it doesnt give you specifics details ie the exact text to add to you autoexec.bat file.

I would suggest an improvement to Ivor Horton to make this 100% perfect as opposed to 99% by adding just 3-4 more pages in next edition ie telling people about the PATH and SET CLASSPATH commands and a few DOS command ie CD.. and CD for newbies like me.

This setting/configuring of the JDK (aka Java SDK) is the only thing other books have over this and its only weak point.
But the 'teaching java' part this book is the best I have seen.

Thanks Ivor you made my life sooooo much easy well done pat yourself on the back man, and please consider my suggestion :-)

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