Java Development With Ant

Author: Erik Hatcher, Steve Loughran
List Price: $44.95
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ISBN: 1930110588
Publisher: Manning Publications Company (August, 2002)
Edition: Paperback
Sales Rank: 1,921
Average Customer Rating: 4.53 out of 5

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5
Simply put, the best Ant coverage anywhere
Being a long-time fan of computer books with animals on the cover, I had bought a certain other Ant book before I got this one. But after I got this book, I've not cracked open the other book even once. Meanwhile, I'm considering getting another copy of JDwA because the one I have now is starting to look ragged from all of the use I've gotten out of it!

This book covers everything there is to know about Ant 1.5. It takes you from basic build steps such as compiling right up to more advanced topics such as code generation with XDoclet and on to packaging up web, enterprise, and web-service applications. And if that isn't enough, you'll also learn how to extend Ant with custom tasks.

If you're using Ant to build your Java projects, then you *need* this book. If you're not using Ant to build your projects, then why aren't you? Get this book and find out how to streamline your builds. Don't waste your time or money on any other Ant book. This is the best Ant book, bar-none.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Good Coverage, Organization could be better
First of all, everything you want to know about Ant is in here. I give the book high marks for accuracy and content. The only issue I did have was with the way the topics are presented. Rather then getting the feeling a foundation was being set and we gradually built upon that foundation, I felt a little befuddled and thrown about. Exposure to topics did not seem to follow an optimum order and I felt the book seemed to jump around. Advice for proper usage, details, and nuances are all here however and perhaps you will not have the same problems I did as most people like this book.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Next to my desk -- and it's going to STAY there!
People keep borrowing this book. I have to hunt them down all the time because it never comes back! I am an engineer in a large Enterprise Software company that uses Ant for many different and difficult tasks. Erik and Steve have written a book that covers the main gist of Ant, but then they goes deep and really explain well how to do some of the more esoteric and difficult tasks that are not apparent to even many seasoned Ant users.

I especially enjoy the sections dealing with Best Practices and handling large projects. I bought a chain to keep this book on my desk, and if you purchase this book (and you should) I would advise that you do the same!

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