Support / Frequently Asked Questions

It's been over 48 hours, and I haven't received my order, what's happening?

  • We cannot STRESS this enough: Please make sure the email associated with your PayPal account is a current and working email address.
  • If you ordered with RegNet, please make sure the email address you provided was spelled correctly and is a current and working email address.
  • Check your JUNK/SPAM folder for an email from someone at CENTRASOFT.COM.
  • Be sure to add any email address from CENTRASOFT.COM to your Safe Sender's list (or Whitelist).
  • Be sure your email inbox is not full and/or rejecting emails.
  • IF you've checked the above items, and still don't have your order instructions via email, please use our Contact Us page and let us know the details of your order.

Do any of the Exam Buster products run on the Macintosh computer?

  • No.  At the present time, the Exam Buster product line is a Windows-only product. We have been informed by several customers that the products run fine under Virtual PC for the Mac, however, we do not officially support this configuration.

Does the Exam Buster product work on the 64-bit version of Vista?

  • Yes, we have recently updated our installer program and our products should now install correctly on 64-bit Vista.

What happened to CFMX Exam Buster 6.0 and 7.0?

  • Adobe stopped offering the ColdFusion 6 and 7 certification exams. Accordingly, we have discontinued support (and selling) the CFMX Exam Buster 6.0 and 7.0 products, as Adobe is currently only offering the ColdFusion 8 certification exam. And CF8 Exam Buster is specifically designed to help developers study and pass the CF 8 certification exam.